Cadastral Surveying and Geomatics

College/Institution: AAiT

Department/School/Center: School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Program title: B. Sc in Cadastral Surveying and Geomatics

Program duration (in years): Five for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 255 Cr. Hr. 146

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objective: The primary objective of the B.Sc. program in Cadastral Surveying and Geomatics is to train students who would acquire sufficient knowledge, skills and specialization to meet demands of the Cadastral Surveying and Geomatics industry at national, regional and international levels.

Admission requirements:

  1. a) Admission following Preparatory Education

Students who have successfully completed the 10 plus 2 years preparatory and have scored the minimum cut-off point set by the Ministry of Education in the entrance exam could apply for admission to the School.

  1. b) Admission with Advance Standing

Depending on available spaces, diploma graduates from TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) in the fields related to Surveying will be admitted based on grades on competitive basis.

  1. c) Admission of International Students

Applicants with a minimum cut-off point and with high scores in Physics and Mathematics in foreign countries examinations equivalent to the 10+2 preparatory program are also eligible. The equivalence is determined by the School.

  1. d) Admission to Continuing Education Program

The criteria set for admission to the regular program will be employed as the criteria for admission to the continuing education program. Candidates who are 10 + 3 diploma graduates from an Surveying School, TVET or similar recognized college in the fields of, surveying technology, Drafting Technology, and other related programs with a minimum cut-off point and having certificate of competition/COC/ will be admitted based on space availability, and competitive basis.

Graduation requirement:

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Cadastral Surveying and Geomatics requires 4 years to complete in the regular program. A student is required to take courses that will bring the total credit point of 255 ECTS/146Cr Hr for graduation with the Degrees of Bachelor of Science in Cadastral Surveying and Geomatics. Student must take and pass all the required courses to satisfy the requirement for graduation. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 is required in all courses taken. In addition, a minimum grade point average of 2.00 is required in the core courses of the program. Other requirements are as same as those of the University graduation requirements.


List of modules and courses

Category Module Course
No Name CP Code Name CP Code
BASIC/ GENERAL 01 Basic English Skills 10 EnLa-M1013 Communicative skills 5 EnLa-1011
Basic Writing skills 5 EnLa-1012
02 Civics and Ethics 5 CESt-M1023 Civics Education 5 CESt-1023
03 Introduction to Logic 5 Phil-M1033 Introduction to Logic 5 Phil-1033
04 Applied Mathematics 14 Math-M1043 Applied Mathematics I 7 Math-1041
Applied Mathematics II 7 Math-1042
05 Basic Engineering Skills 11 MEng-M1053 Descriptive Geometry 5 MEng-1051
Engineering Drawing 6 MEng-1052
06 Statistical methods 5 Stat-M1063 Probability and statistics 5 Stat-1062


BASIC/ GENERAL 07 Physics 5 Phys-M1073 Physics 5 Phys1071
08 Basic Programming and Database Skill 10 CSGM-M1083 Computer Programming 5 CSGM- 1081
Introduction to Database 5 CSGM-2082
09 Introduction to Economics 5 Econ-M1093 Introduction to Economics 5 Econ-1091
SUPPORTIVE 10 Sociology 5 Socio-M2102 Sociology 5 Socio-2101
11 Land Administration and Management 5 Laad-M3112 Land Administration and Management 5 Laad-3111
12 Land and Property Law 5 Law-M2122 Land and Property Law 5 Law -2121
13 Land Valuation 9 CSGM-M3132 Land Economics and Property Evaluation 5 CSGM-3131
Quantity Surveying 4 CSGM-3132
14 Regional and Urban Planning 5 UP-M2142 Regional and Urban Planning 5 UP-2142
15 Environmental Studies 4 Env-M3152 Environmental Studies 4 Env-3151
16 Entrepreneurship

and Business Management5CSGM-M4162Entrepreneurship

and Business Management5CSGM-416117Project Management5CSGM-M4172Project Management5CSGM-417118Professional Practice4CSGM-M4182Professional Practice4CSGM-418119Negotiation and Dispute Resolution5CSGM-M4192Negotiation and Dispute Resolution5CSGM-4191


CORE 20 Basic Surveying 15 CSGM-M2201 Surveying I 5 CSGM-2201
Theory of Error and Adjustment 5 CSGM-2205 Stat-1061
Surveying II 5 CSGM-2202 CSGM-2201
21 Cadastral Surveying 19 CSGM-M22111 Cadastral Survey I 7 CSGM-3211 CSGM-2202
Cadastral Surveying II 7 CSGM-3212 CSGM-3211
Cadastral Survey Practice 5 CSGM-4211 CSGM-3212
22 Geodesy 24 CSGM-M2221 Reference System and Map Projection 5 CSGM-2221
GNSS 7 CSGM-3222 CSGM-2221
Physical Geodesy 7 CSGM-3223 CSGM-2221
Dynamic Reference System 5 CSGM-3224 CSGM-2221
23 Geomatics 21 CSGM-M2231 Cartography 7 CSGM-2231
Photogrammetry 7 CSGM-2232 CSGM-2231
Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing 7 CSGM-2233 CSGM-2231
24 Geospatial Analysis and Modeling 17 CSGM-M3241 Geographic information System 7 CSGM-3241
Spatial Analysis 5 CSGM-3242 CSGM-3241
3D Cadastre 5 CSGM-4243 CSGM-3242



CORE 25 Land Information Management System 21 CSGM-M4251 Information Technology 7 CSGM-4251
Spatial Database 7 CSGM-4252
Geospatial Information Management 7 CSGM-4253 CSGM-4251

CSGM-425226Research/Project15CSGM-M4261Research Methods5CSGM 4261 BSc Thesis10CSGM 4262All Major Courses