Leather Technology

College/Institution: AAiT

Department/School/Center: School of Chemical and Bio Engineering

Program title: B. Sc in Leather Technology

Program duration (in years): Five for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 306

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objective: the objectives of the undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering are specifically designed to produce graduates with the ability to apply chemical engineering fundamentals to solve open-ended problems and to design process units and systems of process units including multiple operations.

Admission requirements:

Admissions to all regular undergraduate programs are processed through the Ministry of Education (MoE) of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Admissions to the continuing education program (CEP) are processed through the Faculty’s registrar office based on the criteria set by Addis Ababa University. Upon admission to the universities/ Institutes of Technologies, students will join the School of Chemical and Bioengineering. After successful completion of the orientation semester (1st semester) and two other semesters in the Chemical Engineering Department, students will be assigned for the Leather Technology program.

Graduation requirement:

Students must take and pass all the required modules to satisfy the requirements for graduation. The total required modules for graduation with the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Leather Technology are 27, which amount to credit points of 306 ECTS including the 30 ECTS mandatory internship. Further graduation requirements are as set by the respective University’s/Technology Institute’s Legislation.


List of modules and courses

General Category
Category Module


Module Name Module


Module ECTS Course


Course code Module Courses


01 Basic English skills EnLa-M1013 10 1 EnLa1011 Basic Communicative skills
2 EnLa1012 Basic Writing Skills
02 Civics and Ethical Education CESt-M1023 5 1 CESt1023 Civics and Ethical Education
03 Reasoning skills (Logic) PHIL-M1033 5 1 PHIL1033 Reasoning Skill (Logic)
04 Applied Engineering Mathematics GEng-M1043 14 1 Math1041 Applied Mathematics I
2 Math1042 Applied Mathematics II
05 Engineering Mechanics GEng-M1053 12 1 CEng1051 Engineering Mechanics I-Statics
2 MEng1052 Engineering Mechanics II-Dynamics



Basic Engineering skills



GEng-M1063 8 1 GEng1061 Introduction to Engineering Profession
2 MEng1062 Engineering Drawing
07 Applied Chemistry CBEg-M1071 11 1 CBEg1071 General and inorganic Chemistry
2 CBEg1072 Applied Organic chemistry
08 Advanced Mathematics &Computational Methods CBEg-M2081 20 1 CBEg2081 Introduction to Computer basics and Programming
2 CBEg2082 Applied Mathematics III
3 CBEg2083 Numerical Methods



4 CBEg2084 Probability and Statistics
09 Analytical techniques CBEg-M2091 7 1 CBEg2091 Analytical Chemistry
10 Chemical Engineering Basics CBEg-M2101 29 1 CBEg2101 Material and Energy Balances
2 CBEg2102 Engineering Thermodynamics
3 CBEg2103 Fluid Mechanics
4 CBEg2104 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
5 CBEg2105 Mechanical Unit Operations
11 Basics in Leather Manufacture CBLT-M2111 8 1 CBLT2111 Structure and function of skin
2 CBLT2112 Introduction to Leather Manufacture
12 Reporting Skills CBEg -M3121 4 1 CBEg3121


Technical communication and Report writing
13 Transport Phenomena and Processes CBLT-M3131 13 1 CBEg3131 Process Heat Transfer
2 CBLT3132 Mass Transfer Unit operations for Leather Technology
14 Chemistry and Principles of Leather Technology CBLT -M3141  


1 CBLT 3141 Principles of Preservation &Pretanning
2 CBLT 3142 Chemistry & Mechanism of Chromium and   Inorganic Tannages
3 CBLT 3143 Chemistry & Mechanism of Vegetable and Organic Tannages
4 CBLT 3144 Principles of Post Tanning and Finishing




15 Tannery Practice – Basics CBLT -M3151 12 1 CBLT 3151 Practices in Beam House and Tanning
2 CBLT 3152 Practices in Post tanning and Finishing
3 CBLT 3153 Leather Machinery
16 Testing in Leather CBLT -M3161 11 1 CBLT 3161 Chemical Testing in Leather Technology
2 CBLT 3162 Physical Testing in Leather Technology
17 Internship CBLT-M4171 30 1 CBLT4171 Internship
18 Process Engineering for Leather and Leather Products CBLT -M4181 14 1 CBLT4181 Technology and Manufacturing of Leather Auxiliaries
2 CBLT4182 Leather Supplements and Synthetic materials
3 CBEg4183 Light, Heavy and Specialty Leather Manufacturing
19 Biotechnology in Leather Industry CBLT -M4191 4 1 CBLT4191 Leather Biotechnology
20 Industrial and Business Management CBEg-M4201 15 1 CBEg4201 Economics for Engineers
2 CBEg5202 Project and Production Management
3 CBEg5203 Business management and Entrepreneurship
21 Industrial Safety and Maintenance CBEg-M5211 5 1 CBEg5211 Industrial Safety and Maintenance
22 Basics in Leather Products Manufacture CBLT -M4221 4 1 CBLT4221 Introduction to Leather Products Manufacture
23 Environmental Engineering In Leather Industry CBLT -M5231 5 1 CBLT-5231 Treatment and Disposal of Tannery Wastes
24 Tannery Design CBLT –M4241 12 1 CBLT5241 Tannery Design Project
2 CBEg4212 Plant Design and Economics
25 LT Senior Project CBLT-M5251


15 1 CBLT 5251 LT Senior Project-Phase I
2 CBLT5252 LT Senior Project-Phase II


26 Leather Products CBLT -M5262 15 1 CBLT5261 Leather Products Design
2 CBLT5262 Leather Goods and Garment Manufacture
3 CBLT5263 Leather Footwear Manufacture


27 Leather Process CBLT -M5272 15 1 CBLT5271 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
2 CBLT5272 Cleaner Leather Manufacture
3 CBLT5273 Technology of Animal and Tannery By-products utilization