College/Institution: EiABC

Department/School/Center: Architecture

Program title: Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture

Program duration (in years): Five for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 304

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objective

  • To produce competent, creative, critically minded and ethical professional designers / builders; and
  • To produce professionals who are intellectually mature, ecologically sensitive and socially responsible.

Admission requirements – the   candidates   should successfully   complete   the   preparatory   program   and pass an entrance examination   given by the institute.

Graduation requirement

  • CGPA and MGPA of at least 2.00,
  • Total ECTS of 331 and
  • No ‘F’ grade in any course taken.

List of Modules and courses

Code Module Name Course Code Course Name module ECTS
ARCH-M1014 Applied Engineering Mathematics Math1041 Applied Mathematics 5
EnLa-M1013 Basic English Skills EnLa1011 Communicative English Skill 5
EnLa1012 Basic Writing Skill 5
CESt-M1023 Civics and Ethics CESt1023 Civics and Ethics 5
ARCH-M1024 Introduction to Economics Arch1022 Introduction to Economics 3
Phil-M1033 Introduction to Logic Phil1033 Introduction to Logic 5
ARCH-M2031 Urban Sociology ARCH2031 Urban Sociology I 2
ARCH2032 Urban Sociology II 2
ARCH-M1041 Graphic Communications ARCH1041 Communication Skills I (Sketching I, Drafting & Descriptive Geometry I) 5


Communication Skills II (Sketching II, Drafting & Descriptive Geometry II) 5
ARCH-M2051 Visual and History of Arts ARCH2051 Communication Skills III (Visual & History of Arts I) 4


Communication Skills IV (Visual & History of Arts II) 5
ARCH-M3061 Computer Aided Design ARCH3061 Professional CAD I 4
ARCH3062 Professional CAD 2 5
ARCH-M1071 Basic Architectural Design ARCH1071 Basic Architectural Design I 5
ARCH1072 Basic Architectural Design II 5

Architectural Design

ARCH2081 Architectural Design I 6
ARCH2082 Architectural Design II 5
ARCH3081 Architectural Design III 7
ARCH-M3091 Project I ARCH3092 Integrated Design Project I 12
ARCH-M4101 Project II ARCH4102 Integrated Design Project II 9
ARCH5101 Integrated Design Project III 9
ARCH-M3121 Professional Practice ARCH3121 Professional Practice I 3
ARCH3122 Professional Practice II 3
ARCH-M5132 Interior Design ARCH5132 Interior Design 5
ARCH-M2143 Advanced Model Making Techniques ARCH2141 Advanced Model Making Techniques 2
ARCH-M1153 Workshops ARCH1151 Building workshop I 1
ARCH1152 Building workshop II 1
ARCH-M1161 Building Materials ARCH1161 Building Materials and Construction I 5
ARCH1162 Building Materials and Construction II 5
ARCH-M2171 Building Construction  


Building Materials and Construction III 4
ARCH2172 Building Materials and Construction IV 5
ARCH-M1181 Theory and Design of Structures I ARCH1181 Theory and Design of Structures I 4
ARCH1182 Theory and Design of Structures II 4
ARCH-M2191 Theory and Design of Structures II ARCH2191 Theory and Design of Structures III 4
ARCH-M2201 Special Structures ARCH2202 Theory and Design of Structures IV 5
ARCH-M5212 Advanced Building Structures ARCH5212 Advanced Building Structures 5
ARCH-M3221 Heat, Cooling and Ventilation ARCH3221 Architectural Science I 4
ARCH-M3231 Water and Sewage ARCH3232 Architectural Science II 4
ARCH-M4241 Light and Energy  



Architectural Science III

ARCH-M5251 Acoustics ARCH5251 Architectural Science IV 4
ARCH-M4661 Appropriate Building Technology ARCH4262 Appropriate Building Technology 4
ARCH5261 Cost Efficient Construction 4
ARCH-M1271 History of Architecture ARCH1272 History of Architecture I 3
ARCH2271 History of Architecture II 3



History of Architecture III

ARCH-M3281 Ethiopian History of Architecture ARCH3281 Ethiopian History of Architecture 3
ARCH-M3291 Theory of Architecture ARCH3291 Theory of Architecture I 3
ARCH3292 Theory of Architecture II 3
ARCH-M4302 Architectural Heritage ARCH4302 General Building Heritage 3
ARCH5301 Ethiopian Building Heritage 5
ARCH-M5312 Restoration and Preservation ARCH5311 Restoration and Preservation 5
ARCH-M4321 Housing and Urban Design ARCH4322 Basic Urban Design 5
ARCH5331 Housing & Inner city Redevelopment 5
ARCH-M3331 Urban planning ARCH3331 Introduction to Urban planning 6
ARCH-M1342 Environmental Planning and Landscape Design ARCH1342 Introduction to Environmental


ARCH2341 Introduction to Landscape Design 3
ARCH5342 Landscape Architecture 5
ARCH-M4353 Ecosystem Planning and Management ARCH4352 General Ecology 5
ARCH5351 Introduction to Environmental


ARCH-M5362 Construction Management ARCH5362 Construction Management 5
ARCH-M4381 Internship ARCH4381 Internship 30
ARCH-M4391 Thesis ARCH5392 Bachelor Thesis Project 15
ARCH5394 Thesis Seminar 5