Arabic Language and Communication

College/Institution: CHLSJC

Department/School/Center: Department of Foreign Language and Literature: Arabic Unit

Program title: BA in Arabic Language and Communication

Program duration (in years): Four for regular and Five for extension

Study Language: Arabic

Credits and the equivalent ECTS: 245 ECTS, Cr. Hrs. 148

Mode of delivery: Regular & Extension

Program Objective

General objectives – the Arabic language is a rewarding academic discipline, which offers a rigorous, integrated training in language, literature, Arabic civilization and thought of Arab from the Middle Age to the present day. As a major area of study, it provides an opportunity to acquire valuable insight into the culture and affairs of nations which played and continue to play central role in Arab and world affairs. The BA Program in Arabic Language and Communication is concerned with the study of texts and their interpretation and meaning; their historical, social and cultural contexts, their transmission across time; and the relationship of individual works to the tradition. The main target of this BA Program in Arabic Language and Communication is also to fulfill the demand of the market in Ethiopia. This program is, therefore, especially designed to prepare students in the fields of communication.

Specific objectives

  • To train Arabic language professionals such as journalists, public relation officers, translators who could serve in governmental and non-governmental organizations, international organizations and educational institutions.
  • To give intensive courses in Arabic language and literature and increase student’s awareness of cultural knowledge.
  • To foster and enhance scholarly research.
  • To conduct basic research.

Admission requirements – to major in Arabic, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of the preparatory program (10+2) and assignment to the University by the Ministry of Education;
  • High interest in the field;
  • Students who have no prior knowledge of Arabic will be admitted into the first year; those who have prior knowledge of Arabic and succeed in passing the Arabic language test administered by the Department would join the second year.
  • Holders of bachelors in other fields from an Arabic speaking country recognized by the Ministry of Education could be admitted into the second year of the BA
  • Applicants, who graduated from local institutions including holders of a diploma or a degree in another field of study, who have prior Knowledge in Arabic, could take an Arabic language test administered by the Arabic Unit of Addis Ababa University. Those who would pass this test could be admitted into the second year of the BA Program. Those who fail the examination could be accepted as first year students.

Graduation requirement – a student must accomplish 245 ECTS with at least a CGPA and MGPA of 2.00 without scoring an “I”, “Fx” and “F” grade in any of the courses.


Modules and Courses


Module No Module Name Module Code ECTS List of Courses Course Code ECTS
01 Basic Arabic Skills FLAr-M1011 20
  1. Basic communicative skill
FLAr1011 7
  1. Basic reading and writings skill
FLAr1012 5
  1. Basic listening and speaking skill
FLAr1013 5
  1. Vocabulary building
FLAr1014 3
02 Intermediate Arabic skills FLAr-M1021 20
  1. Intermediate Communicative Skill
FLAr1021 7
  1. Intermediate Reading and Writing
FLAr1022 5
  1. Intermediate Listening and Speaking
FLAr1023 5
  1. Guided Writing Skill
FLAr1024 3
03 Advanced Arabic Skills FLAr-M2031 22
  • Advanced Communicative Skill
FLAr2031 7
  • Advanced Reading and Writing skills
FLAr2032 5
  • Advanced Listening and Speaking
FLAr2033 5
  • Arabic Structure
FLAr2034 5
04 Arabic Grammar in use FLAr-M2041 15
  • Arabic   Grammar I
FLAr2041 5
  • Arabic   Grammar II
FLAr2042 5
  • Arabic   Grammar III
FLAr2043 5
05 Arabic Morphology in use FLAr-M2051 15
  • Arabic   Morphology I
FLAr2051 5
  • Arabic   Morphology II
FLAr2052 5
  • Arabic Morphology III
FLAr2053 5
06 Arabic literature and creative writings FLAr-M3061 30 Introduction to Arabic literature FLAr3061 5
Modern Arabic Literature FLAr3062 5
Classical Arabic literature FLAr3063 5
Creative Writing FLAr3064 5
Arabic Novel and Drama FLAr3065 5
Literary criticism FLAr3066 5
07 Window on Arabic culture FLAr-M3071 20 Arabic Civilization and Culture FLAr3071 5
Ethio -Arab Intercultural contact FLAr3072 5
Arabic calligraphic art FLAr3073 5
Manuscript culture FLAr3074 5
08 Arabic rhetoric’s and prosody FLAr-M3081 15 Bayan FLAr3081 5
Mani FLAr3082 5
Badi FLAr3083 5
09 Arabic linguistics FLAr-M3091 17 Introduction to Arabic linguistics FLAr3091 7
Phonetics FLAr3092 5
Semantics FLAr3093 5
10  Journalism and communication FLAr-M4101 17 introduction to Journalism FLAr4101 7
business communication FLAr4102 5
Diplomatic communication FLAr4103 5
11 Translation FLAr-M4111 14 Translation FLAr4111 7
Translation FLAr4112 7
12 Research Skills FLAr-M4121 10 Research Methods and Report Writing FLAr4121 5
Senior Essay FLAr4122 5

Supportive courses

13 Computer Application CoSc-M1 203 5 Introduction to Computer Application CoSc-1201 5
14 Fundamentals of psychology Psyc-M2013 5 Introduction to Psychology Psyc2011 5


General education courses

15 Basic English Skills EnLa-M1013 10 Communicative English Skills EnLa1011 5
Basic Writing Skills EnLa1012 5
16 Introduction to Logic Phil-M1033 5 Introduction to Logic Phil 1033 5
17 Civics & Ethics CESt-M1023 5 Civics & Ethics CESt1023 5