Ethiopian Sign Language and Deaf Culture

College/Institution: CHLSJC

Department/School/Center: Department of Linguistics

Program title: BA in Ethiopian Sign Language and Deaf Culture

Program duration (in years): Three for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:   180 ECTS/107 credits

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objective – the program has the following objectives:

  • Train Sign Language teachers who are able to teach language courses to deaf students at the secondary and tertiary level and empower the Deaf so that they can play meaningful roles in their society and liberate themselves from any discrimination falling up on them due to their Deafness.
  • Train sign linguists who can conduct research in EthSL in order to promote the use, status and functions of EthSL.
  • Train Sign Language interpreters for various government organizations as well as NGOs that deal with the life of the Deaf in one way or another.
  • Promote collaborative research on EthSL with other institutions of higher learning both locally and internationally.
  • Provide consultancy services to organizations, schools, institutions that work to promote EthSL and culture; organize workshops and/or short-term trainings for people involved in Sign Language and Deaf education, compilation of Sign Language dictionary, etc.
  • Fulfill the increase in demand of those students who are working during day time and who would like to improve their education.

Admission requirements:

  • Admission Criteria for regular program – any applicant to this program should fulfill the following criteria:
    • Successfully pass the National College Entrance Examination;
    • A person who is Deaf/Hard of Hearing or hearing with priority to the Deaf.
  • Admission Criteria for Advance standing students
  • Diploma in Special Needs Education or other related fields;
  • CGPA of 2.5 and above in diploma program;
  • Work experience in the field of Deaf education or other related fields will have priority;
  • Quota system to be administered by the Program Unit to encourage those who are already teaching in Deaf schools (In consultation with the relevant body of the Ministry of Education a 25% quota will be reserved upon placement for the Program Unit in order to recruit students from the Deaf community directly).
  • Admission Criteria for summer program
  • Diploma in any field of study CGPA of 2.00;
  • Work experience in Deaf education or other related fields;
  • Fulfill the admission criteria of the MoE to enroll in summer in- service program.

Graduation requirement – to graduate with BA degree in Ethiopian Sign Language and Deaf Culture, the candidate is required to meet all standard performance set by the Addis Ababa University. The following shall be observed as a minimum requirement:

  • Minimum CGPA and MGPA of 2.00;
  • No ‘F’ grade in any one of the course;s
  • Minimum total credit hour of 107 or 180 ECTS.



List of Modules/Courses


Common Modules

Module Code Module Title ECTS Course Code Course Title ECTS Hours
EnLa-M1013 Basic English Skills 10 EnLa1011 Communicative English Skills 5 135
EnLa1012 Basic Writing Skills 5 135
ICTS-M1013 Information and Communication Technology 5 ICTS1011 Information and Communication Technology 5 135
CESt-M1023 Civics and Ethics 5 CESt1023 Civics and Ethics 5 135
Phil-M1033 Introduction to Logic 5 Phil1033 Introduction to Logic 5 135
Total 25

Supportive Modules

Module Code Module Title ECTS Course Code Course Title ECTS Hours
PSYC-M2012 Developmental Psychology 5 PSYC2011 Developmental Psychology 5 135
STAT-M2012 Introduction to Statistics 5 STAT2011 Introduction to Statistics 5 135
Total 10

Major Area Modules

Module Code Module Title ECTS Course Code Course Title ECTS Hours
SLDC-M2011 Ethiopian Sign Language I 10 SLDC2011 Non-Verbal Communication 5 135
SLDC2012 Introduction to EthSL I 5 135
SLDC-M2021 Ethiopian Sign Language II 8 SLDC2021 Introduction to EthSL II 5 135
SLDC2022 Intermediate EthSL 3 81
SLDC-M2031 Introduction to Deaf Culture 12 SLDC2031 Introduction to Deaf Culture 4 108
SLDC2032 Contemporary Issues in Deafness and Deaf Culture 4 108
SLDC2033 Sign Language Literature and Performance 4 108
SLDC-M3041 Sign-linguistics 14 SLDC3041 Introduction to Sign Linguistics I 5 135
SLDC3042 Introduction to Sign Linguistics II 5 135
SLDC3043 Survey of Ethiopian Languages and EthSL 4 108
SLDC-M3051 Research and Report writing in


16 SLDC3051 Research Methods in EthSL 4 108
SLDC3052 Report Writing I 4 108
SLDC3053 Report Writing II 3 81
SLDC3054 Senior essay in EthSL 5 135
SLDC-M3061 Sign Socio-linguistics 7 SLDC3061 Sign Language and Society 4 108
SLDC3062 The Sociology of Signing Family 3 81
SLDC-M3071 Educational Psychology of Deafness and Audiology 8 SLDC3071 Educational Psychology of Deafness 3 81
SLDC3072 Audiology 5 135
SLDC-M4081 Introduction to Deaf Education 16 SLDC4081 Trends in Deaf Education 4 108
SLDC4082 Teaching EthSL as a Second Language 4 108
SLDC4083 Curriculum Design of EthSL 5 135
SLDC4084 Note-Taking for Deaf People 3 81
SLDC-M4091 Sign Language Interpretation and Translation 14 SLDC4091 Fundamentals of Sign Language Interpreting and Translation 5 135
SLDC4092 Advanced Sign Language Interpreting and Translation 5 135
SLDC4093 Signing Profession 4 108
SLDC-M4101 Deafness in Broader Perspective 8 SLDC4101 Politics and Media vs. Deafness 4 108
SLDC4102 Deafness in Broader Perspective 4 108
SLDC-M4111 Introduction to American Sign Language 7 SLDC4111 Introduction to American Sign Language I 4 108
SLDC4112 Introduction to American Sign Language II 3 81
SNIE-M2011 Foundation of Special Needs and Inclusive Education 15 SNIE2011 Foundation of Human Development and Learning 5 135
SNIE 2012 Introduction to Special Needs and Inclusive Education 5 135
SNIE 2013 Disability and Society 5 135
SNIE-M4071 Early intervention and education 10 SNIE4071 Introduction to Early Intervention 5 135
SNIE4072 Early childhood care and education 5 135
Total 145 Total 180 4860