Educational Planning & Management

 College/Institution: College of Education & Behavioral Studies (CEBS)

Department/School/Center: Department of Educational Planning & Management

Program title: BA in Educational Planning and Management

Program duration (in years): Three for regular, Four for extension and Five for Summer

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS: 182 ECTS

Mode of delivery: Regular, Extension and Summer

Objectives of the Program: To produce competent educational planners and managers that can handle leadership responsibilities under the context of changing environment and decentralized educational system.

  1. General Objectives

Essentially, the general objective of this program is to produce educational leaders and researchers who can address educational demands and challenges through critical analysis of educational institutions’ environment (political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological). Moreover, the program aims to produce democratic, visionary, innovative, change oriented and professionally committed educational planners and managers that can hold leadership responsibilities under decentralized educational contexts.

  1. Specific Objectives of the Program

The specific objectives of the Bachelor of Art Degree Program in Educational Planning and Management include:

  1. Produce educational planners, managers and supervisors who are well informed of the national and regional constitutions, thereby assuming leadership positions and responsibilities;
  2. Produce educational planners and managers that can generate, manage and utilize educational resources effectively and efficiently;
  3. Produce educational planners and managers who can initiate educational changes, innovations and developments by addressing local and regional needs and realities;
  4. Produce educational planners and managers that can mobilize and involve the local communities, thereby strengthening the school and community relationship.
  5. Produce educational planners and managers who are capable of solving educational problems by applying skills of educational research;
  6. Produce educational leaders who lead all activities in educational organizations towards the realization of organizational vision and mission.

Admission requirements: Applicants for admission to the Bachelor’s degree program in educational planning and management must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Have a diploma in educational management or related teaching subjects with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2:00 at graduation from an accredited Teacher training institution


  1. Pass mark in the EHEECE set for degree admission in that year.

Teaching or administrative experiences in educational establishments will be an advantage to get admission to the program.

Graduation requirement: In order to graduate, students should successfully finish all the designed courses. Moreover, the candidate is required to obtain:

  1. CGPA of at least 2.00 at graduation;
  2. a total of 182 ECTS;
  • No “F” grade in any course.



Module No Module Name ModuleCode Module ECTS List of Courses CourseCode courseECTS
  Basic English Skills EnL-aM1013 10 Communicative English Skills EnLa1011 5
Basic Writing Skills EnLa1012 5
01 Foundation of Educational Management EdPM -M1011 15 Introduction to Educational   Management EdPM1011 5
Educational Organization & Management I EdPM1012 5
Educational Organization & Management II EdPM1013 5
  Psychology of learning and cognition PsycM1031 5 Educational Psychology 




Psyc1033 5
02 Research in Education EdPM-M1021 11 Introduction to Educational Research EdPM1021 5
Introduction to Statistical Methods in Education Edpm1022 3
Action Research for Educational Managers Edpm1023 3
Civics and Ethics CESt-M1023 5 Civics and Ethics CESt1023    5
03 School and Society EdPM-M1031 15 School and the Community EdPM1031 3
Sociology of Education EdPM1032 5
Multicultural Education and Diversity Management EdPM1033 5
Internship I EdPM1034 2
04 Leadership in Education EdPM-M2041 16 Models and Theories of Leadership Edpm2041 5
Management of Change and Innovation Edpm2042 5
Group Dynamics and Conflict Management in Education Edpm2043 3
Introduction to Guidance and Counseling Psyc2044 3


Education and Development EdPM-M2051 11 Education and Development Edpm2051 3
Management of Adult and Non-formal Education Edpm2052 5
Entrepreneurship in Education Edpm2053 3
Basics of ICT INSY-M1001 3 Introduction to Information and Communication Technology INSY-1001 3
06 Educational Planning EdPM-M2061 26 Economics of Education EdPM2061 5
Macro Planning in Education EdPM2062 5
Education Management Information System EdPM2063 3
School Mapping and Micro Planning in Education EdPM2064 5
Management of Educational project and Program Evaluation EdPM2065 5
Internship II EdPM2066 3
Foundations of Special Needs and Inclusive Education SNIE-M1011  3 Introduction to Special NeedsEducation SNIE1011 3
07 Policy in Education EDPM-M3071 14 Ethiopian Constitution and Education Laws EdPM3071 3
Education Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation EdPM3072 5
Decentralized Educational Management EdPM3073 3
International and Comparative Education EdPM3074 3
Curriculum Studies & Instruction TECs-M2011 5 Curriculum Studies TECs2011 5
08  Supervision and Quality Enhancement in Education EDPM-M3081 13 Educational Supervision Edpm3081 5
Instructional Leadership Edpm3082 3
School Improvement   and Quality Management in Education Edpm3083 5
09 Resource Management in Education EDPM-M3091 16 Human Resources Management in Education EdPM3091 5
Management of Training and Development EdPM3092 3
Finance and Property Management in Education EdPM3093 5
Performance Management EdPM3094 3
Instructional Technology TECS-M3095 3 Instructional Technology TECS3095 3
Methods of Teaching TECS-M3096 3 General Methods of Teaching TECS3096 3
Educational and Psychological Assessment Psyc-M2051 3 Educational Measurement andEvaluation Psyc-2051 3
10 Research in Education EDPM-M3101 5 Senior Essay A EdPM3101 P/F
Senior Essay B EdPM3101 5
Total ECTS 182