College/Institution: CEBS

Department/School/Center: School of Psychology

Program title: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology

Program duration (in years): Three for regular and Four for extension

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS: 180 ECTS

Mode of delivery: Regular and Extension

Program objectives:

General objectives: the general objective of the program is to:

  • produce qualified psychologists who work in various governmental, non-governmental, and private agencies;
  • carry out quality research on various psychological, educational and social issues; and
  • Offer community services to individuals, institutions, and groups regarding problems and issues pertaining to the field of psychology.

Specific objectives – the specific objectives of the training program are to produce professionals who:

  • can provide psychological services in governmental, non-governmental, and private institutions;
  • would be able to work in various educational settings;
  • can initiate, organize, and evaluate various educational and social development programs;
  • render rehabilitation services;
  • can plan & conduct seminars, workshops and trainings in psychological and related issues for stakeholders;
  • can conduct research on various psychological, educational and social issues;
  • can provide demand-based consultation and technical advice to individuals, groups and institutions.

Admission requirements – applicants must meet the admission requirement of the training program set by the Ministry of Education and the university Senate Legislation. Moreover, for summer in-service and evening extension, a three-year diploma in social science fields, teacher education, and health related fields and BA/BSc/BEd holder in any social science, education, health and other related fields from a recognized college/institution and those who can pass entrance exam prepared by the school are eligible to the program.

Graduation requirement – to successfully complete the program, students are required to finish all courses (equivalent to 180 ECTS) without scoring “NG” or “F” grade for all courses. Additionally, they have to score minimum MGPA and CGPA of 2.00. Moreover, prospective graduates must meet other graduation criteria set by the university senate.

List of Modules and courses

# Modules


Module Title ECTS Course


Course Title ECTS Cr.


01 Psyc-M1011 Fundamentals of psychology 9 Psyc1011 Introduction to psychology 5 3
Psyc1012 Physiological psychology 4 2.4
02 CESt-M1023 Civics and Ethics 5 CESt1023 Civics and Ethics 5 3
03 Phil-M1033 Introduction to Logic 5 Phil1033 Introduction to Logic 5 3
04 EnLa-M1013 Basic English Skills 10 EnLa1011 Communicative English Skills 5 3
EnLa1012 Basic writing skills 5 3
05 Insa-M1013 Information and Communication Technology 5 Insa1013 Information and Communication Technology 5 3


Psyc-M1021 Lifespan human development 14 Psyc1021 Psychology of Childhood 5 3
Psyc1022 Psychology of Adolescence 5 3
Psyc1023 Psychology of Adulthood and aging 4 2.4
07 Psyc-M1031 Psychology of learning and cognition 11 Psyc1031 Psychology of learning 3 1.8
Psyc1032 Cognitive psychology 4 2.4
Psyc1033 Educational psychology 4 2.4
08 Psyc-M2014


Research and statistical methods in psychology




Psyc2041 Statistical methods in psychology 1 4 2.4
Psyc2042 Statistical methods in psychology 2 5 3
Psyc2043 Research methods in Psychology 5 3
Psyc2044 Experimental psychology 3 1.8
09 Psyc-M2051 Educational and Psychological Assessment 9 Psyc2051 Educational assessment and evaluation 5 3
Psyc2052 Psychological testing 4 2.4
10 Psyc-M2061 Personality Psychology 5 Psyc2061 Personality psychology 5 3
11 Psyc-M2071 Social psychology 23 Psyc2071 Introduction to social psychology 5 3
Psyc2072 Organizational and/or Industrial psychology 5 3
Psyc2073 Community psychology 4 2.4
Psyc2074 Gender and human sexuality 4 2.4
Psyc2075 Forensic psychology 5 3
12 SOCI-M2013 Sociology 5 SOCI2013 Introduction to Sociology 5 3
13 Psyc-M3081 Counseling psychology 26 Psyc3081 Introduction to guidance and counseling 4 2.4
Psyc3082 Theories and techniques of counseling 5 3
Psyc3083 Psychology of persons with special needs 4 2.4
Psyc3084 Marriage and family counseling 5 3
Psyc3085 Counseling for people with HIV/AIDS and

special population

4 2.4
Psyc3086 Career development and counseling 4 2.4


Psyc-M3091 Health and Clinical Psychology 19 Psyc3091 Psychopathology 4 2.4
Psyc3092 Health psychology 4 2.4
Psyc3093 Sport Psychology 3 1.8
Psyc3094 Clinical psychology 4 2.4
Psyc3095 Psychopharmacology 4 2.4
15 Psyc-M3101 Project management and professional practices  


Psyc3101 Project design and


4 2.4
Psyc3102 Seminar in contemporary issues 3 1.8
Psyc3103 Practicum in psychology 4 2.4
Psyc3104 Senior essay in psychology 6 3.6
Total 180 180