College/Institution: CLGS

Department/School/Center: School of Law

Program title: LL.B in Law

Program duration (in years): Five for regular and six for extension

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 300

Mode of delivery: Regular and Extension

Program Objective – the general objective of the undergraduate program is to provide basic legal training to students. More specifically, the program aspires:-

  • to equip students with basic knowledge of major national legislations and procedures, along with the skills of legal interpretation required to solve legal problems;
  • to train professionals who will be able to undertake the technical aspects of drafting and revising laws;
  • to enhance the critical thinking abilities of students so that they can understand and implement laws as judges, practicing lawyers, prosecutors, public defenders or academicians
  • to train professionals who can deliver legal advice in public and business laws either by working for particular firms or individuals seeking such advice;
  • to educate individuals who will be able to speak to and advise clients with professionalism, understanding and responsibility;
  • to prepare dedicated persons who can research and publish, and hence reinforce Ethiopian legal jurisprudence; and
  • To produce legal professionals who serve society with the highest heed to ethical values, who strive to defend rights and liberties and uphold the fundamentals of rule of law.

Admission requirements – students who completed the national preparatory education with acceptable grades and wish to join the schools of law will be selected from a list of students assigned to the social sciences streams on a competitive basis or be placed in the regular program by the Ministry of Education.

The admission requirements for the continuing education program are set by the Admission Committees of each School of Law, with due regard to gender compositions. Conventionally, the concerned committee convenes once a year to evaluate applications. The specific admission criteria vary from school to school; traditionally, the committees allot about 70% of the places to applicants who hold diploma in relevant fields of study; about 10% of the places have been reserved for applicants with a degree in fields other than law, while the remaining seats (20%) are allocated to candidates who fulfilled national preparatory education with a pass grade. The ratio may change from time to time, particularly when the committees find it imperative to adhere to specific instructions of educational policy or disparities in the applicants’ pool it.

The Academic Standards Unit of each University is a member of the Admissions Committee, and participates in the selection processes. The final list of selected applicants is sent to the relevant unit of the schools of law for registration.

Graduation requirement – students who successfully complete the core, optional and general modules listed under the Modularized LL.B Curriculum which are equivalent to 300ECTS, earn passing grades in the National Exit Examination and fulfill the Externship program with a passing score – all with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 and no un-removed “F” grade – shall be eligible for graduation.

The National Exit Examination carries 10ECTS, spread over two semesters; the Externship Program carries 20ECTS for a work performance extending over a 3 months period during the second semester of Year-V. The grades for the National Exit Exam and Externship Program are only noted in the academic record of students.

Under the new Modularized LL.B Curriculum, students are required to fulfill a total of 300ECTS study works to be eligible for graduation.


List of Modules and courses under each module

No Module Code Module Title ECTS
1 Laws-M1010 Introduction to Law and Legal History 14
  Laws1011 Introduction to Law 3  
Laws1012 Legal History and Traditions 5  
Laws1013 Introduction to Ethiopian Legal System 3  
Laws1014 Customary Law 3  
2 Laws-M1020 Law of Personal Status 15
  Laws1021 Law of Persons (p) * 5  
Laws1022 Family Law 5  
Laws1023 Law of Successions 5  
3 Laws-M1030 Introduction to Logic and Legal Philosophy 12
  Laws1031 Introduction to Logic 5  
Laws1032 Jurisprudence 7  
4 Laws-M1040 Legal Research Methodology 5 5
5 Laws-M2010 Constitutional Law and Federalism 18
  Laws2011 Constitutional Law 8
Laws2012 Federalism 5
  Laws2013 Administrative Law 5
6 Laws-M2020 Law of Obligations 15
  Laws2021 Law of Contracts 10
Laws2022 Law of Extra-Contractual Liability 5
7 Laws-M2033 Interdisciplinary 6
Laws2034 Psychology and Forensic Science 3  
Laws2035 Sociology and Criminology 3
8 Laws-M2040 Laws of Property 15
  Laws2041 General Property Law 7  
Laws2042 Intellectual property Law 5
Laws2043 Land Law 3
9 LawsM-2050 Criminal Law 10
10 Laws-M3010 Special Contracts 12
  Laws3011 Law of Administrative Contracts 3
Laws3012 Law of Agency 3
Laws3013 Law of Sales 3
Laws3014 Law of Security Devices 3
11 Laws-M3020 Law of Traders and Business Organization 7
12 Laws-M3030 Tax Law 8
13 Laws-M3040 Laws of Procedure 25
Laws3041 Law of Criminal procedure 5  
Laws3042 Law of Civil Procedure 10  
Laws3043 Law of Evidence 5
Laws3044 Conflict of Laws 5  
14 Laws-M3050 Legal Drafting 6
  Laws3051 Legal Writing 3
Laws3052 Legislative Drafting 3
15 Laws-M4010 Financial Laws 8
  Laws4011 Law of Insurance 3  
Laws4012 Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments 5  
16 Laws-M4020 International Public Law 16
  Laws4021 Public International Law 7
Laws4022 International Trade and Investment Law 3
Laws4023 Environmental Law 3
Laws4024 Water Law 3
17 Laws-M4040 Economic Laws 8
  Laws4041 International Trade Law 5
  Laws4042 Investment Law 3
18 Laws-M4050 Human Rights and African Union Laws 13
  Laws4051 Human Rights Law 7  
Laws4052 African Union and Human Rights Law 3
Laws4053 Gender and Law 3
19 Laws-M4060 Employment Laws 7
20 Laws-M5010 Legal Practice and Ethics 13
  Laws5011 Pre-Trial, Trial and Appellate Advocacy / Moot Court 5
Laws5012 Legal Clinics 3
Laws5013 Legal Ethics 5
21 Laws-M5020 Alternative Dispute Resolution 5
22 Laws-M5030 Senior Thesis 7
23 Laws-M5040/5050 Exit Exam I/II 10
24 Laws-M5060 Externship 20
                                                                                                                                 Total 275
  1. Optional Module LawsM4032 (E) (5 ECTS)

1 Laws4031 Law of Public Enterprises, Cooperatives and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises 5
2 Laws4032 Construction Law 5
3 Laws4033 Law of Non Profit Organizations 5
  Laws4034 Military Law 5
  Laws4035 Maritime Law 5
  Laws4036 Media Law 5
  Laws4037 Electoral Law 5
  Laws4038 Law of Micro Finance Institutions 5
  Laws4039 Accounting for Lawyers 5
                                                                                                                                 Total 45

  1. Optional Module (5ECTS)
1 Laws4071 Islamic Law 5
2 Laws4072 Law and Development 5
3 Laws4073 Law of International Organizations 5
4 Laws4074 Refugee Law 5
5 Laws4075 Judicial Independence and Management 5
6 Laws4076 Sentencing and Execution 5
7 Laws4077 Seminar on Current Legal Topics 5
8 Laws4078 Law of Natural Resources 5
9 Laws4079 Bankruptcy Law 5
                                                                                                                                 Total 45

  1. General Modules
2 Enla-M1013 English for Lawyers 10
3 INSY-M2021 Information and Communication Technology 5
                                                                                                                                 Total 15