Industrial Design

College/Institution: CPVA

Department/School/Center: Alle School of Fine Arts and Design

Program title: BFA in Industrial Design

Program duration (in years): Four for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS 245

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objective

  • To promote the field of Industrial Design to serve the cultural and economic development of the country by teaching and training designers.
  • To train students who can play a significant role in developing the cultural life of the society based on the diverse heritage from the past.

Admission requirements: this program admits candidates who:

  • Have successfully completed foundation (1st year) courses of the school of Fine Arts and Design or equivalent to it.
  • Have a good inclination for the profession.
  • Have artistic skills, basic instrumental drawing skills, Computer aided designing ability and better understanding on Basic Design courses.
  • Have a recommendation from the Academic Committee of the school or from a respective region.

Graduation requirement

  • Have CGPA and MGPA of at least 2.0
  • Pass in his/her graduation project evaluation
  • No “F” grade in any course taken
  • Take a total ECTS of 245.

Modules and Courses

Foundation Year (1st Year)

1st Semester

Module Code and Title Course Code and Title ECTS

FAFN-M1011 Basic Design

FAFN 1012 Basic Design I 5
FAFN 1013 Basic Design II 5
FAFN-1015 Typography 2.5
FAFN 1014 Introduction to Computer as a tool 2.5
FAFN-M1021 Drawing FAFN 1022 Drawing I 5
FAFN 1023 Drawing II 5
FAFN-M1031 Ethiopian Art History FAFN 1032 History of Ethiopia Art I 2.5
FAFN 1033 History of Ethiopia Art II 2.5
FAFN 1034 Indigenous Artistic   Discourses 2
FAFN-M1041 Understanding Visual Arts FAFN1042 Concepts of Visual Arts 4
FAFN1043 Introduction to Art Mediums 4
FAFN-M1051 Drawing II FAFN1052 Drawing III 10
FAFN-M1061 World Art History FAFN1062   World Art History I 4
FAFN1063   World Art History II 4
FAFN1071 African Art 4

Foundation Year Module Points: 62 ECTS

Major/core Modules

Module Code Module Title Course code & title ECTS
FADE-M2081 Studio Drawing FADE 2081 Studio Drawing I 6
FADE-M2091 Concepts of Design FADE 2092 Design I 4
FADE 2093 Design II 4
FADE 2094 Technical Drawing 3
FADE 2095 Descriptive Geometry 3
FADE-M 3102 Basic style in Fashion Design FADE 3162 Fashion Design I 5
FADE 3163 Fashion Design II 5
FADE3164 Textile Print Making 5
FADE-M 2082 Studio Drawing FADE 2082 Studio Drawing II 6
FADE-M3113 Industrial Design FADE-M3114Design III 5
FADE-M3115 Design IV 5
FADE-M3116 Package and Label Design 5
FADE-M4174 Design Seminar FAED-4174 Design Seminar 9
FAPN-M3123 Advanced Figure & Conceptual Drawing FADE3123 Advanced Figure Drawing 6
FADE-M3162 Fashion Design FADE3162 Fashion Design III 3
FADE3163 Fashion Design IV 3
FADE3164 Ethiopian Traditional Design 3
FAPN-M3124 Conceptual Drawing FAPN3124 Conceptual Drawing 6
FADE-M3175 Computer Aided Design FADE3175 3D modeling and rendering 6
FADE3176 Advertising Design 5
FADE3177 Promotional Design 5
FADE-M 4201 Graduation project FADE4201 Graduation project I 8
FADE4202 Graduation project II 8
Total 118

Supportive Modules

Module Code Module Title Courses AllocatedECTS
FAED-M2071 Comparative studies in lit.& Arts FAED2071 Comparative studies in lit.& Arts 6
FAED-M3154 Writing & Research for Arts FAED3155 Writing for visual Arts 3
FAED3156 Research principles & Application in visual arts 3
FAED-M3143 Resent Art history FAED3143Resent Art history 8
FAPM-M4203 Creative Presentation FAPM4204 Creative Presentation 6
FAED-M4186 Aesthetics for visual Arts FAED4186Aesthetics for visual Arts
CPVA-M4186 Aesthetics CPVA4187 Aesthetics 6
Total 40 ECTS

General education Modules

Module Code & Title Course Code &Title Allocated ECTS
EnLa-M1013 General English Skills EnLa1011 Communicative English Skill 5
EnLa1012 Writing English Skills 5
Phil-M1033 Introduction to Logic Phil1033 Introduction to Logic 5
CESt-M1023 Civic and Ethics CESt1023 Civic and Ethics 5
Psyc-2061 Introduction to Psychology Psyc2061 Introduction to Psychology 5
Total 25 ECTS