Theatre Arts

College/Institution: CPVA

Department/School/Center: School of Theatrical Arts

Program title: BA in Theatre Arts

Program duration (in years): Four for regular and five for extension

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS 257

Mode of delivery: Regular and Extension

Program Objective – general Learning outcomes

  • Train theatre artists for playhouse and the mass media;
  • Train theatre professionals: dramatists, actors, directors, dramatic critics and junior researchers in the field of theatre arts; and
  • Train theatre and literary experts who can serve as promoters of drama and literature.

Specific Learning outcomes

  • Training translators of dramatic works;
  • Preparing conferences on dramatic and literary productions;
  • providing capacity building schemes to theatre professionals and amateur artists; and
  • enhancing the artistic and cultural awareness of the University community in general and of the University students in particular;
  • Training entertainment journalists.

Admission requirements – students admitted directly from secondary school are required to meet the national higher education enrolment criteria of that year. Students placed to the college of social sciences and humanities can join the program on competitive basis, and the school should prove students’ talent through audition and written examination. In addition, other applicants who meet the necessary audition and written examination can join the School.

Graduation requirement – students must take a total of 257 ECTS; have MGPA and CGPA of at least 2.00 and no” F” grade in any of the modules/courses.

Modules and Courses

Core Modules

Module Code Courses code & Title Module Title Category Allocated




ThAr1022 Fundamentals of Acting

ThAr1023 Workshop in Performance skill

ThAr1024 Advanced Acting

ThAr1025 Acting for Different media I

ThAr1026 Acting for Different media II

Acting Core 25


ThAr1032 Fundamentals of Literature

ThAr1033 Composition

ThAr1034 Dramatic Techniques

ThAr1035 Writing One Act play

ThAr1036 Writing Full Length play

Play Writing Core 27


ThAr2022 Fundamentals of directing

ThAr2023 Creative interpretation for directors

ThAr2024 Directing for Different Media I

ThAr2024 Directing for Different Media II

ThAr2025 Directing Major Theatre Style

Directing Core 25
ThAr-M4011 ThAr4012 Introduction to Film Medium

ThAr4013 Radio and Television Drama

ThAr4014 Radio and TV Production

Media and communications I Core  



ThAr4015 Mass Communication

ThAr4016 Public Attachment

ThAr4017 Public Relations

ThAr4018 Art Management and Entrepreneurship

Media and communications II




ThAr4022 Graduation project I

ThAr4023 Graduation project II


Project Core 10
Total 129

Supportive module

Module Code Courses code & title Module Title Category Allocated


ThAr –M3031


ThAr3032   Research Principles and Application in Theatre

ThAr3033   Translation

ThAr3034   Criticism

ThAr3035   Practice of Dramaturge

Dramaturge Supportive 20


ThAr3012   Musical Theater

ThAr3013   Youth and Children Theatre

ThAr3014   Indigenous Performance

ThAr3015 Theatre for Development

Focused Theatre Application Supportive 28


ThAr1012 Survey of World theater

ThAr1013 Theater in Africa

ThAr1014 Survey of Ethiopian Theatre

ThAr1015   Survey of Moving Picture in Ethiopia

Survey of Theatre and Film Supportive 20
ThAr-M4131 ThAr4132 Production Design and technology

ThAr4133 Workshop on Stage Play Production

ThAr4134 Grand Stage Play Production

Productions Supportive 25
CPVA-M4011 CPVA4011 Aesthetics Aesthetics Supportive 5
INSY-M1001 INSY1001   Information and Communication Technology Basics of ICT Supportive 5
Total 103

General Education Courses

Course Code Course Title Allocated ECTS
EnLa1011 Communicative English Skills 5
EnLa1012 Basic Writing Skills 5
Phil1033 Introduction to Logic 5
CESt1023 Civics and Ethics 5
Psyc2061 Introduction to Psychology 5
Total   25 ECTS