Geography and Environmental Studies

College/Institution: CSS

Department/School/Center: Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Program title: BA in Geography and Environmental Studies

Program duration (in years): Three for regular and four for summer

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 180

Mode of delivery: Regular and Extension

Program Objectives: the program aims to provide undergraduate students with both subject-specific knowledge and general skills. It aims:

  • To produce all rounded professionals capable of:
  • Understanding the facts and patterns of spatiotemporal processes and possibilities of human and physical phenomena and their interactions
  • Identifying and solving spatiotemporal problems of the physical and human environment
  • Comprehending the risks, potentials, and prospects of the country’s environment in isolation as well as in global perspective
  • Generating, analyzing, and presenting spatiotemporal data of physical and human environment using different scientific procedures, models, tools, and techniques
  • Demonstrating confidence and conviction that enable them to become positive role models to society, and ensure they are committed to change and development
  • Participating in community development by:
    • Providing various kinds of professional trainings to the community
    • Awakening the general public to environmental problems, their causes, and consequences; mobilize the public for positive action
    • Providing professional consultancy services with a view to accelerate environmental, social and economic development
  • Conduct research in different areas (environment, development, society, economy, etc.) that would help in solving societal problems and disseminate results thereof.
  • Establish a system and culture of provision of continuous training, consultancy services and conducting research
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with departmental services by devising sound system for this purpose.

Admission requirements – students who pass the university entrance examination and candidates with diploma in related fields from recognized higher learning institutions are eligible to join the program.

Graduation requirement – a total ECTS of 180, minimum CGPA and MGPA of at least 2.00 and no “F” grade in any course.

Modules and Courses under each module

# Modules Number Module Title ECTS Course Code Course Title ECTS Cr.Hr.
01 EnLa-M1013 Basic English Skills 10 EnLa1011 Communication English Skills 5 3
EnLa1012 Basic Writing Skills 5 3
02 INSY-M1011 Introduction to Computer and Information Systems 5 INSY1011 Introduction to Computer and Information Systems 5 3
03 CESt-M1023 Civics and Ethics 5 CESt1023 Civics and Ethics 5 3
04 GeES-M1011 Climatology and Hydrology 15 GeES1011 Introduction to Climatology 5 3
GeES1012 Applied Climatology 5 3
GeES1013 Environmental Hydrology 5 3
05 GeES-M1021 Quantitative Geography 10 GeES1021 Maths for Geographer 5 3
GeES1022 Quantitative techniques in Geography and Environmental Studies 5 3
06 GeES-M1031  

Landform Studies




GeES1031 Geomorphology 5 3
GeES1032 Soil Geography 5 3
GeES1033 Biogeography 5 3
07 GeES-M2041 Mapping Techniques 11 GeES2041 Introduction to Surveying 5 3
GeES2042 Cartography and Map reading 6 3.6
08 GeES-M2051 Geography of Economic Development 20 GeES2051 Economic Geography 5 3
GeES2052 Economic Geography of Ethiopia 5 3
GeES2053 Geography of Transport and development 5 3
GeES2054 Geography of Tourism and Development 5 3
09 GeES-M2061 Socio-Political Geography 14 GeES2061 Cultural and Social Geography 4 2.4
GeES2062 Geography of Population and Settlement 5 3
GeES2063 Political Geography 5 3
10 GeES-M2071 Research Methodology 13 GeES2071 Research methods in Geography and Environmental Studies 5 3
GeES2072 Project design and management in GeES 4 2.4
GeES2073 Seminar on contemporary Geographic Issues 4 2.4
11 GeES-M3081 Spatial data Acquisition and Analysis 10 GeES3081 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing 5 3
GeES3082 Fundamental of GIS 5 3
10 GeES3083 Applied GIS 5 3
GeES3084 Terrain Analysis and Land Use planning 6 3.6
10 GeES3085 Land Administration and Registration 4 2.4
12 GeES-M3191 Geography of Spatial Planning GeES3091 Urban Geography 5 3
GeES3092 Regional planning 5 3
13 GeES-M3111 Sustainable Resource Management & Livelihood  



GeES3111 Geography of Natural Resources Management 4 2.4
GeES3112 Agro-Ecology and Farming System 4 2.4
GeES3113 Food Security and Livelihood 4 2.4
14 GeES-M3121 Environmental Studies 15 GeES3121 Environment and Sustainable development 5 3
GeES3122 Environmental Impact Assessment 5 3
15 GeES-M3131 Research Work 5 GeES3131 Research work in GeES 5 3