College/Institution: CSS

Department/School/Center: Department of History

Program title: BA in History

Program duration (in years): Three for regular and four for summer

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 185

Mode of delivery: Regular and Extension

Program Objectives – the main objectives of the curriculum are:

  • To train full-fledged researchers committed to the discipline of history so as to tackle the problems of the society using the potentials and possibilities embedded in the profession of history.
  • To produce skilled personnel and professionals who can carry out research in the political, economic, social and cultural history of Ethiopia.
  • To produce professionals who are well versed in various aspects of the past, especially of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa (environmental, political, economic, social, ethnographic, dynamics and intricacies in the region).
  • To produce scholars with the tradition of tolerance and positivity towards the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country.
  • To create professionals with a clear world view and ability to relate their profession with local, regional, national and international dynamics and realities;
  • To prepare students to serve national needs and pursue careers in the public and private sectors in all areas in which verbal, writing and analytical skills are required; and
  • To train well-qualified teachers of History for secondary-level educational institutions.

Admission requirements – admission into the program will be according to the criteria set by the Ministry of Education and the Senate of Addis Ababa University.

Graduation requirement – students who have completed all core and supportive courses with a minimum CGPA and MGPA of 2.00 with no “F” grade and who have taken a total of 187 ECTS are eligible for graduation.


List of Modules


Core Modules

Mod. No. Module Title Module Code Course Titles Course code ECTS




Survey of Ethiopian History I HIST-M1011



Ethiopia & the Horn to c.1500 HIST1011 5
Ethiopia and the Horn c.1500-1800 HIST1012 5
02 History and Historiography


HIST-M1021 Introduction to History and Historiography HIST1021 5
03 Survey of Ethiopian History II HIST-M1031 History of Ethiopia and the Horn 1800-1900 HIST1031 5
Peoples, Polities and Cultures in Ethiopian History HIST1032 5
04 Pre-Colonial African History HIST-M1041 The Early History of Africa to 1500 HIST1041 5
Africa and the Outside World 1500-c.1850 HIST1042 5
05 The Ancient World HIST-M1051 The Ancient World HIST1051 5
06 Political History of Ethiopia HIST-M2061 Political History of Ethiopia and the Horn to 1900 HIST2061 5
Ethiopia and Its Neighbors 1820 to the Present HIST2062 5
07 Africa from Colonialism to Independence HIST-M2071 Africa and the Colonial Experience HIST2071 5
Africa from Colonialism to Independence HIST2072 5
08 Survey of European History HIST-M2081 Survey of European History c.1500-1850 HIST2081 5
Survey of European History c.1850-1945 HIST2082 5
09 Economic History of Ethiopia HIST-M2091 Economic History of Ethiopia since 1900 HIST2091 5
10 Asian and American History HIST-M2101 History of the Americas c.1800-1945 HIST2101 5
Survey of Asian History c.1800-1945 HIST2102 5
11 Historical Methods HIST-M2111 Historical Research Methods I HIST2111 5
Historical Research Methods II HIST2112 5
12 Religion, Art and Society in Ethiopia HIST-M3121 Religions and Religious Processes in Ethiopia and the Horn HIST3121 5
Introduction to Ethiopian Arts HIST3122 5
13 Issues in African History HIST-M3131 Continuity and Change in Contemporary Africa HIST3131 5
History of the Nile Basin HIST3132 4
14 Modern World History HIST-M3141 Global Developments since 1945 HIST3141 5
15 History of Islam and the Middle East HIST-M3151 Survey of the Islamic World to the 1920s HIST3151 5
History of the Middle East since the 1920s HIST3152 5
16 Themes in Ethiopian History HIST-M3161 Women in Ethiopian History HIST3161 4
Major Themes in the History of Modern Ethiopia HIST3162 5
17 Themes in African History HIST-M3171 Urban Processes in Africa since the 19th century HIST3171 4
Environment and Society in Africa HIST3172 4
Diasporas in African History HIST3173 4
18 The Senior Essay HIST-M3181 Historical Research and Writing Practice HIST3181 5
Historical Research And Writing Practice HIST3182 5
Total ECTs 160

General Modules

Mod. No. Module Title Module Code Course Titles Course code ECTS
1 Introduction to Logic PHIL-M1033 Introduction to Logic Phil1033 5
2 Civics and Ethics CESt-M1023 Civics and Ethics CESt1023 5
3 Basic English Skills EnLa-M1013 Communicative English EnLa1011 5
Basic Writing Skills EnLa1012 5
Total ECTs 20

Supportive Modules


Mod. No. Module Title Module Code Course Titles Course code ECTS
1 Archaeology and Heritage Studies ArHM-1100 Introduction to the Archaeology of Ethiopia and the Horn ArH-1103 3.5
Introduction to Heritage Management ArH-1306 3.5
Total ECTs 7