College/Institution: CSS

Department/School/Center: Department of Sociology

Program title: BA in Sociology

Program duration (in years): Three for regular and five for extension

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 180

Mode of delivery: Regular and Extension

Program Objectives

General Objective – the Sociology program seeks to provide a broad range of high quality education that exposes students to sociological perspectives, leading to an understanding of our own as well as other societies and cultures.

Specific objectives – the present curriculum is designed to:

  • produce graduates in Sociology who are capable of integrating social theory, research, and practice;
  • train manpower knowledgeable of the objective conditions of the country and capable of contributing to a further understanding of those conditions;
  • produce graduates who are capable of participating in research aimed at the identification of the causes and consequences of poverty and related social

problems and generate data as inputs to the process of formulation of appropriate social policies;

  • produce graduates who will have the basic preparation for participating in the formulation of appropriate social policies and programs designed to expedite the process of social and economic development in both rural and urban areas;
  • equip graduates with the knowledge, professional skills and attitudes necessary for working with and mobilizing individuals, groups and communities from diverse cultures and multiple perspectives for purposes of social development; and
  • increase the capacity of graduates for independent or collaborative and multi-disciplinary research, and cross-cultural understanding to promote processes of economic and social development of the country.

Admission requirements – students admitted directly from secondary school are required to meet the national higher education enrolment criteria of that year. Students placed to the college of social sciences can join the program on competitive basis.

Graduation requirement – students registered in the Department of Sociology must take a total of 180 ECTS. A student is required to have a minimum CGPA and MGPA of 2.00 upon graduation without any F grade in any of the modules/courses.




Module Title Module Code Course Title Course


Basic English Skills Enla-M1013 Communicative English Skills Enla1011 5
Introduction to Logic Phill-M1033 Introduction to Logic Phill1033 5
Civics and Ethics CESt-M1023 Civic and Ethics CESt1023 5
Introductory Sociology Soci-M1011 Introduction to Sociology SOCI 1011 5
Introduction to Social Anthropology Soan-M1011 Introduction to Sociology SOAN1011 5
Introduction to Social Psychology Psyc-M3111 Introduction to Social Psychology Psyc3111 5
Total 30


Year I, Semester II

Module Title Module Code Course Title Course Code ECTS
Social Institutions Soci-M1021 Social institution I SOCI1021  


Social institution II SOCI1022  


Sociology of Ethiopian Society Soci-M1031 Sociology of Ethiopian Societies SOCI1031 5

Sociological Theories

Soci-M1041 Sociological theories I: classical perspectives SOCI1041 5
Sociological theories II: contemporary perspectives SOCI1042 5
Basic English Skills EnLa-M1013 Basic writing Skills EnLa1012 5
Total 30



Module Title Module code Module ECTS Course Title Course code Course ECTS
Social Research Methods Soci-M2051 10


Methods of Social Research I SOCI2051 5
Methods of Social Research II SOCI2052 5
Population and Mobility Soci-M2061 10 Introduction to Population Studies SOCI2061 5
Population Movements: Migration & Resettlement SOCI2062 5
Culture and Society Soci-M2071 10 Media, Communications and Culture SOCI2071 5
Sociology of Tourism SOCI2072 5
  Total 30



Module Title Module code Module ECTS Course Title Course code Course ECTS
Economy and Society Soci-M2081 10


Economic Sociology SOCI2081 5
Sociology of Work, Industry and Organization SOCI2082 5
Development Sociology Soci-M2091 10 Sociology of Development SOCI2091 5
Contemporary Social Issues: Food Security, Poverty & Inequality SOCI2092 5
Statistical Methods Soci-M2101 7 Statistics for Sociologists SOCI2101 7
Medical Sociology Soci-M2111 5 Medical Sociology SOCI2111 5
Total 32



Module Title Module code Module


Module ECTS Course Title Course code Course ECTS
Globalization and Social Identity Soci-M3121 12 9 Globalization, Social Movements, & Civil Society SOCI3121 5
Social Identities: Class, Ethnicity and Nationalism SOCI3122 4
Rural and urban sociology Soci-M3131 13 10 Rural Sociology and Development SOCI3131 5
Urban Sociology SOCI3132 5
Aging and Society Soci-M3141 14 4 Aging and Society SOCI3141 4
Gender and society Soci-M3151 15 5 Gender and society SOCI3151 5
  Total 28



Module Title Module code Module


Module ECTS Course Title Course code Course ECTS
Deviance and Crime Soci-M3161 16 10 Sociology of Deviance SOCI3161 5
Criminology and Correctional Administration SOCI3162 5
Environment and Society Soci-M3171 17 5 Environmental Sociology SOCI3171 5
Social Policy, Planning and Project Administration Soci-M3181 18 10 Social Policy and Planning SOCI3181 5
Project Design and Management SOCI3182 5
Senior Essay Soci-M3191 19 5 Senior Essay SOCI3191 5
Total 30