College/Institution: CVMA

Department/School/Center: Horticulture

Program title: B.Sc. in Horticulture

Program duration (in years): Three for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 180 and 112 Cr. Hr.

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objective:

General Objective – the general objective of the program is to produce manpower equipped with adequate knowledge and skill to design and implement the activities indicated in the perspective graduate profile.

Specific Objectives – the program has the following specific objectives in the undergraduate program of horticultural sciences:

  • Provide students with basic and applied knowledge and skills of horticultural crops production & management, breeding, protection and soil fertility management principles & concepts;
  • Enable students to understand and realize problems in horticultural crop production and seek solutions through exposure to research, extension and management;
  • Provide students with the knowledge of handling horticultural fruit plants and their products;
  • Integrate teaching-research activities with extension activities so as to extend the new improved technologies to farmers.

Admission requirements – to be admitted to B.Sc. in Horticulture, candidates should fulfill admission requirements to Ethiopian higher education institutions up on successful completion of two years preparatory education in natural science and pass the entrance examination prepared by the Ethiopian ministry of education. Placement of students to the program abides by the MoE affirmative regulation. Others like re-admission and advance standing shall be treated according to the academic rules and regulations of the university. Students who graduated with diploma in the field of Horticulture, Plant sciences, General Agriculture and other related fields from recognized institutions can also apply to pursue their studies in regular, summer and extension programs based on university legislations.

Graduation requirement – the following constitute requirements for graduation from the program:

  • Successful completion of all the required courses equivalent to 180 ECTS;
  • CGPA and MGPA of 2.00 and above; and
  • No “F” grade in any course/module taken.


Modules’ Number, Code, Name, Credit hour and ECTS

Module No Module code Module name Cr. Hr ECTS
MODULE 01 EnLa-M1013 Basic English Skills 6
MODULE 02 CESt-M1023 Civics and Ethics 3
MODULE 03 ICTE-M1033 Computer Science 3
MODULE 04 HORT-M1044 Basics in Horticultural Sciences 13
MODULE 05 HORT-M1052 Soil and Water Management (E) 10
MODULE 06 HORT-M1062 Soil and Agroforestry (E) 10
MODULE 07 HORT-M2071 Research Methods and Analytical Skills 7
MODULE 08 HORT-M2081 Horticultural Crops Improvement 10
MODULE 09 HORT-M2091 Greenhouse and Propagation 7
MODULE 10 HORT-M2104 Horticultural Crops Protection 8
MODULE 11 HORT-M2111 Vegetable Crops Production and Management 5
MODULE 12 HORT-M2121 Fruit Crops Production and Management 5
MODULE 13 HORT-M3131 Stimulants, Spices and Medicinal Plants Production and Management 9
MODULE 14 HORT-M3141 Floriculture and Landscaping 7
MODULE 15 HORT-M3154 Senior Seminar and Research Projects 4
MODULE 16 HORT-M3164 Farm Machinery 4
MODULE 17 HORT-M3174 Postharvest and Processing Technology 6
MODULE 18 HORT-M3183 Socio-Economic and Business Management 9    14

Clustered Courses in the Module with their Cods, Credit hours and ECTS

Module No Course Name Course Code Credit hour ECTS
Module 01 Communicative English Skills EnLa1011 3 5
Basic Writing Skills EnLa1012 3 5
Module 02 Civics and Ethics CESt1023 3 5
Module 03 Introduction to Computer and Its Applications ICTE1031 3 5
Module 04 Plant Anatomy and Morphology HORT1041 3 5
Plant biochemistry HORT1042 3 5
Plant physiology HORT1043 3 5
Plant Ecology HORT1044 2 3
Agricultural Microbiology HORT1045 2 3
Module 05 (E) Introduction to soil science HORT1051 3 5
Soil fertility and plant nutrition HORT1052 3 5
Agroforestry systems and practices (E) HORT1053 2 3
Irrigation and drainage HORT1054 2 3
Module 06 (E) Introduction to soil science HORT1061 3 5
Soil fertility and plant nutrition HORT1062 3 5
Soil and water conservation (E) HORT1063 2 3
Irrigation and drainage HORT1064 2 3
Module 07 Introduction to statistics HORT2071 2 3
Principles, design & analysis of agricultural experiments HORT2072 3 5
Research methods HORT2073 2 3
Module 08 Principles of plant genetics HORT2081 3 5
Breeding of horticultural crops HORT2082 3 5
Introduction to Plant Biotechnology HORT2083 2 3
Horticultural Seed Science and Technology HORT2084 2 3
Module 09 Greenhouse Operation, in Production and Management of horticultural crops HORT2091 2 3
Principles and practices of plant propagation HORT2092 3 5
Module 10 Horticultural Entomology HORT2101 3 5
Horticultural Pathology HORT2102 3 5
Weed and weeds management in horticultural crops HORT2103 2 3
Module 11 Vegetable crops production and management HORT2111 3 5
Root and tuber crops production and management HORT2112 2 3
Module 12 Tropical fruit crops production and management HORT2121 3 5
Sub-Tropical and Temperate Fruit Crops production and management HORT2122 2 3
Module 13 Coffee production, processing and quality control HORT3131 3 5
Tea production and processing HORT3132 2 3
Spice and herb crops production and processing HORT3133 2 3
Medicinal plants production and management HORT3134 2 3
Module 14 Floriculture production and management HORT3141 3 5
Agricultural surveying HORT3142 2 3
Principles and practices of landscape designing HORT3143 2 3
Module 15 Senior seminar HORT3151 1 2
Senior Research Project I HORT3152 1 2
Senior Research Project   II HORT3153 2 3
Module 16 Farm Machinery and Implements HORT3161 2 3
Module 17 Postharvest physiology and handling of horticultural products HORT3171 3 5
Processing of fruits and vegetables HORT3172 2 3
Food safety and quality of horticultural produces HORT3173 1 2
Module 18 Rural sociology and agricultural extension HORT3181 3 5
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management HORT3182 2 3
Marketing of Horticultural Crops HORT3183 2 3
Farm Management HORT3184 2 3
Grand total 112 180