Veterinary Laboratory Technology

College/Institution: CVMA

Department/School/Center: Veterinary Medicine

Program title: B.Sc. in Veterinary Laboratory Technology

Program duration (in years): Three for summer and extension

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 180

Mode of delivery: Summer in-service

Program Objective

General objective – to produce qualified Veterinary Laboratory Technologists who are capable of boosting the overall livestock production of the nation; hence, contribute towards the food security of the country through participating in livestock disease control programs.

Specific objectives

  • To produce qualified graduates in Veterinary Laboratory Technology that can meet the needs of various livestock development activities both in the public and private sectors.
  • To produce qualified manpower with sufficient knowledge and skills to undertake laboratory activities both in the field of veterinary medicine and veterinary public health.
  • To equip trainees with the knowledge and skills crucial in the analysis of different specimens in the laboratory for the diagnosis, therapy, prevention and control of animal diseases.
  • To cultivate graduates with logical and scientific thinking and develop a good personality, clarity of expression, communication skills and technical writing skills.
  • To equip trainees with the knowledge and skills essential to undertake biomedical and animal disease researches with due emphasis on technologies of farm and companion animal diseases.
  • To equip trainees with the knowledge and skills essential to undertake early detection, diagnosis and control of livestock diseases for securing improved food resources adequate in quantity and quality and for better health care and expansion of the export market.
  • To produce graduates with good attitudes and management skills of nursing companion animals, laboratory animals and animals in captivity.
  • To enhance the ability and self-confidence of graduates to start self-employment or employment by private clinics, farms, pharmaceutical companies, food industries, feed processing plants, etc.

Admission requirements:

  • Applicants need to complete the preparatory program and get pass marks as set by the MoE. They also need to have taken biology and chemistry (natural science stream).
  • Advance standing students holding diploma in natural sciences may be admitted provided they fulfill all the requirements set by the MoE according to the current government policy.

Graduation requirement

  • The minimum total credit point/ ECTS is180
  • CGPA and MGPA of 2.0 and above
  • No “F” grade in any course taken.

List of Modules and Courses



Module name Courses in the module Cr Hrs Course ECTS Course


Course status
10 Basic English Skills Module (EnLa-M1013) Communicative English Skills 3 5 EnLa1011  

Common course

Basic and technical writing skills 3 5 EnLa1012
5 Civic and Ethic (CvEt -M1023) Civics and Ethics 3 5 CvEt 1023
5 Fundamentals of Computers (COMP-M2031) Introduction to computer and Its application 3 5 COMP2031
8 Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology (VeLT -M2041) Veterinary Gross Anatomy and Physiology 3 5 VeLT 2041  


Veterinary Histology 2 3 VeLT 2042
13 Animal Biotechnology (VeLT-M2051) Introduction to Molecular Biology and Genetic engineering 3 5 VeLT2051 Core
Biochemistry 2 3 VeLT2052
Farm animal reproduction and biotechnology 3 5 VeLT2053
9 Animal Production and Nutrition (ANSC -M2061) Animal production and management 4 6 ANSC 2061 Supportive
Animal nutrition and feed analysis 2 3 ANSC 2062
12 Laboratory and Laboratory animal management (VeLT-M3074) Laboratory animal management 2 3 VeLT3074 Core
Laboratory Instrumentation 2 3 VeLT2071
Introduction to Veterinary laboratory 2 3 VeLT2072
Laboratory Biosafety and quality control 2 3 VeLT2073
10 Animal Pathogens (VeLT-M 3081) Veterinary Microbiology 3 5 VeLT 3081 Core
Veterinary Parasitology 3 5 VeLT 3082
16 Diagnostic Veterinary Pathology (VeLT-M3091) General Veterinary Pathology 3 5 VeLT3091 Core
Histopathology 2 3 VeLT3092
Clinical Veterinary Pathology 3 5 VeLT3093
Clinical Chemistry 2 3 VeLT3094
15 Diagnostic veterinary Parasitology (VeTL -M3101) Diagnostic veterinary Helminthology 3 5 VeTL 3101  


Diagnostic veterinary Protozoology 3 5 VeTL 3102
Diagnostic veterinary Entomology 2 3 VeTL 3103
Laboratory Practicum I 1 2 VeLT3104





Diagnostic veterinary Microbiology and Immunology   (VeLT-M3111) Diagnostic veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology 3 5 VeLT3111  




Diagnostic veterinary Virology 3 5 VeLT3112
Veterinary Immunology 3 5 VeLT3113
8 Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology (VeLT-M4121) General Veterinary Pharmacology 3 5 VeLT4121  


Analytical toxicology 2 3 VeLT4122
13 Veterinary Clinical Medicine (VeLT -M4131) Veterinary Clinical diagnosis 3 5 VeLT 4131 Supportive
Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging 2 3 VeLT 4132 Core
Veterinary Surgical Nursing and Anesthesia 2 3 VeLT 4133 Supportive
Laboratory Practicum II 1 2 VeLT 4134 Core
10 Fundamentals of Animal Disease (VeLT-M4141) Fundamentals of farm animal disease 3 5 VeLT4141  


Fundamentals of small animal disease 2 3 VeLT4142
Laboratory Practicum III 1 2 VeLT4143
5 Introduction to Statistics (STAT-M2051) Introduction to Statistics 3 5 STAT2051 Supportive
13 Research Methodology (VeLT-M4151) Veterinary epidemiology 3 5 VeLT4151 Core
Biostatistics and Research methodology 3 5 VeLT4152 Core
Senior research 2 3 VeLT4153 Core
8 Food safety and Zoonosis (VeLT-M4161)


Food safety 2 3 VeLT4161 Core
Zoonosis 3 5 VeLT4162
5 Entrepreneurship (DMGT-M4233) Entrepreneurship and Small business management 3 5
DMGT4233 Generic
Total 111 180