Veterinary Medicine

College/Institution: CVMA

Department/School/Center: Veterinary Medicine

Program title: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Program duration (in years): Six for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 360

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objective – the General objective of the DVM curriculum is to promote quality education in veterinary medicine, perform research in the areas of animal health and produce and provide public and consultancy services of diverse nature.

Specific objectives are to:

  • produce veterinarians competent in the practice of general veterinary medicine which include food animal practice, companion animal practice and veterinary public health
  • equip them with the knowledge and skills in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of animal diseases, veterinary public health, animal production, research and extension
  • increase food resources of Ethiopia both in quantity and quality by participating in the formulation and implementation of effective monitoring and control methods of diseases
  • participate in the improvement of herd fertility and overall production of livestock under different production systems, taking into account the environmental and cultural traditions of the society
  • conduct continuing education program for upgrading and updating the knowledge and skills of animal health personnel
  • promote problem solving research and disseminate knowledge and research outputs to various stakeholders
  • provide public and consultancy services on animal health and production

Admission requirements

  • Natural science students who pass the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination and without major disabilities, which would hinder the individual’s ability to deliver his/her professional services, and assigned by the Ministry of Education are accepted.
  • Advance standing (for diploma holders)
    • Candidates who graduated from recognized academic institutions in Animal health, Animal production and related natural science fields and
    • Who passed CoC examination and
    • Who pass the entrance examination

Graduation requirement -Candidates fulfilling the following criteria are eligible for graduation

  • A minimum total credit point/ ECTS of 360
  • A minimum CGPA and MGPA of 2.00
  • No “F”, “I” and “NG” grades
  • With a minimum of ‘C’ grades in practical courses (Vetm4181, Vetm4182, Vetm5241, Vetm5242, Vetm6261, Vetm6262, Vetm6263, Vetm6264, Vetm6267, Vetm6268 Vetm6271, Vetm6272)


Major/Core Courses

No Course Code Course Title ECTS Module Name
1 Vetm1031 Veterinary Embryology 3 Vet Anatomy & Embryology


2 Vetm1032 Veterinary Gross Anatomy I 7
3 Vetm1033 Veterinary Gross Anatomy II 7
4 Vetm1034 Veterinary Histology I 5
5 Vetm1035 Veterinary Histology II 5
6 Vetm1041 Veterinary Physiology I 5 Vet Physiology


7 Vetm1042 Veterinary Physiology II 5
8 Vetm2072 Veterinary Biochemistry I 5 Biochemistry & Molecular biology (Vetm-M2071)
9 Vetm2073 Veterinary Biochemistry II 5
10 Vetm2081 Veterinary Parasitology I 7 Animal Pathogens & Host Defense (Vetm-M2081)
11 Vetm2082 Veterinary Parasitology II 7
12 Vetm2083 Veterinary Microbiology I 7
13 Vetm2084 Veterinary Microbiology II 5
14 Vetm2085 Veterinary Immunology 5
14 Vetm3111 Veterinary General Pathology 7 Vet Pathology


16 Vetm3112 Veterinary Systemic Pathology 7
17 Vetm3121 Veterinary Pharmacology & Therapeutics I 5 Vet Pharmacology & Toxicology


17 Vetm3122 Veterinary Pharmacology & Therapeutics II 5
19 Vetm3123 Veterinary Toxicology 3
20 Vetm3131 Veterinary Clinical diagnosis 5 Vet General Medicine & Clinical Diagnosis (Vetm-M3131)
21 Vetm3132 Veterinary General Medicine 7
22 Vetm4141 Large Animal Medicine 7 Vet Clinical Medicine




23 Vetm4142 Small animal medicine 5
24 Vetm4143 Wild life Health 3
25 Vetm4144 Poultry diseases 4
26 Vetm4145 Camel health & Production 4
27 Vetm4146 Equine Medicine 3
28 Vetm4151 Veterinary General Surgery and Anesthesiology 5 Vet Surgery & Diagnostic Imaging (Vetm-M4151)
29 Vetm4152 Veterinary Operative Surgery 5
30 Vetm4153 Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging 3
31 Vetm4161 Theriogenology I 5 Theriogenology


32 Vetm4162 Theriogenology II 5
33 Vetm4171 Veterinary Public Health I 5 Vet Public Health


34 Vetm4172 Veterinary Public Health II 6
35 Vetm4181 Clinical Practice I 2 Basic Vet Clinical Practice (Vetm-M4181)
36 Vetm4182 Clinical Practice II 2
37 Vetm5191 Fisheries & Fish diseases 3 Fish & Honey bee production & Diseases (Vetm-M5191)
38 Vetm5192 Apiculture and Bee Diseases 3
39 Vetm5201 Veterinary Ethics & Jurisprudence 3 Animal Welfare & Vet Ethics (Vetm-M5201)
40 Vetm5202 Animal Behavior and Welfare 3
41 Vetm5211 Veterinary Clinical Pathology I 5 Vet Clinical Pathology


42 Vetm5212 Veterinary Clinical Pathology II 5
43 Vetm5222 Biostatistics & Research Methodology 5 Research Methods


44 Vetm5223 Senior Seminar on Animal Health 3
45 Vetm5232 Veterinary Epidemiology 5 Vet Epidemiology & Animal Health Economics


46 Vetm5233 Veterinary Preventive Medicine 5
47 Vetm5234 Animal Health Economics 3
48 Vetm5241 Clinical Practice III 2 Advanced Vet Clinical Practice (Vetm-M5241)
49 Vetm5242 Clinical Practice IV 2
50 Vetm5251 Animal Health Extension & Pastoralism 3 Animal Health extension & Business Mng’t (Vetm-M5254)
51 Vetm6261 Laboratory work experience I 6 Externship


52 Vetm6262 Laboratory work experience II 6
53 Vetm6263 Experience in Veterinary Public Health I 5
54 Vetm6264 Experience in Veterinary Public Health II 5
55 Vetm6265 Farm Experience I 4
56 Vetm6266 Farm Experience II 4
57 Vetm6267 Clinical Field Experience I 7
58 Vetm6268 Clinical field experience II 7
59 Vetm6271 DVM thesis I 6 DVM Thesis


60 Vetm6272 DVM thesis II 6
Subtotal 287

Supportive Courses

No Course Code Course Title ECTS Module name
61 Soci2032 Introduction to Sociology 4 Introduction to Sociology (Vetm-M1064)
62 Vetm2071 Organic Chemistry 5 Biochemistry & Molecular biology (Vetm-M2071)
63 Vetm2074 Introduction to Molecular Biology 4
64 AnPS2091 Principles of Animal Genetics & Breeding 4 Animal Genetics & Nutrition (Vetm-M2094)
65 AnPS2092 Animal Nutrition 5
66 AnPS3101 Poultry & Swine Production 4 Animal production & Management



67 AnPS3102 Sheep and goat production 3
68 AnPS3103 Dairy Cattle Production & Management 3
69 AnPS3104 Beef cattle production & Management 3
70 AnPS3105 Skin & Hide Management 3
71 AnPS3106 Working animals management 3
72 Vetm-M5221 Introduction to Statistics 5 Research Methods


73 Vetm-M5231 Ethiopian Geography and Introduction to GIS 4 Veterinary Epidemiology & Animal Health Economics (Vetm-M5231)
74 Vetm-M5251 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management 3 Animal Health Extension and Business Mang’t (Vetm-M5254)
Subtotal 53

Common courses

No. Course code Course Title ECTS Module name
75 EnLa1011 Communicative English 5 Basic English skills (EnLa-M1013)
76 EnLa1012 Basic Writing Skills 5
77 CoSc1201 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies (Introduction to ICT) 5 Basics of Information System (Vetm-M1054)
78 CESt1023 Civics & Ethics 5 Civics and Ethics (CESt-M1023)
Subtotal 20