Construction Projects Office

 Major tasks of the office are to:

  • Prepares term of reference (ToR) for the University facilities for design and construction purposes.
  • Facilitates selection of competent consultants, contractors and check associated payments.
  • Oversees construction supervision, contract administration issues of projects and settles disputes.
  • Guide and coordinate efforts in university wide master plan preparation.
  • Prepares design, bill of quantities and bid document, evaluates technical and financial proposals of bidders and Conducts supervision and contract administration works for small maintenance in house projects.
  • Check and review designs and bill of quantities prepared by consultants.
  • Prepare annual plans and reports
  • Ensure that maintenance requests are responded appropriately and time based on their urgency.
  • Check and Facilitates contractors and consultants payments
  • Arrange dual and tripartite meetings
  • Works to have title deeds of all campuses

List of staff and contact details

Construction Projects Office, Director: Ato Araya T/Haimanot

Addresses: Main Campus, Central Administration Building, 5th floor Room No. 504



Civil Engineer: Ato Michael Yihdego:


Sanitary Engineer: Ato Mehari Lemma


Finance Head: Ato Abebaw Zewde

Tel (Off): +251-111-223902

Office of Construction Projects Office Contacts

Executive secretary: Genet Darem

Tel (Off): +251-111-242887