Facility Management

Office of Facility Management

The Office of Facility Management has duties and responsibilities to:

  • Plan, coordinate, direct and control general services given to the University community;
  • Prepare the necessary rules and regulations on property administration and other facility management and implement them on approval;
  • Ensure that property administration and maintenance related policies and work procedures are known and complied with by all Deans and other individuals concerned as appropriate;
  • Develop effective and efficient facility administration and maintenance management methods and proper provision of other general services;
  • Provide general services including housing, postal and telephone, water, electricity, cleaning, gardening and other related services;
  • Initiate and supervise the acquisition of new properties and disposal of used ones;
  • Advise all bodies concerned on efficient and effective handling of property administration and maintenance, and proper provision of general services;
  • Ensure that all decisions made on facility administration and maintenance management, provision of general services in the University are consistent with pertinent policies and regulations;
  • Evaluate the office’s employee’s performance and recommend good performers for pay raise or promotion or other forms of reward;
  • Advise University higher officials on property administration and maintenance related matters;
  • Provide the necessary support to college/school level general services work units;
  • Oversee the maintenance of facility administration and Maintenance Information System (MIS);
  • Perform other related duties given by the VPASS.


Ato Hailekirose Tesfaye is the current Facility Management Director.

Contact Details:

Office Location: Main Campus (Sidist Kilo), the new Administration Building, 3rd Floor, Room No 307

Tel: +251-111-239655


List of Staff and Contact Details: