Seminar and Conferences

The Department has been hosting several graduate program seminars and conferences including workshops and attending various national, regional and international conferences. Some recent ones are:

1)     Mexico – Ethiopia Relations, the political dynamics in South Sudan, and the rise of China and its role in global politics were topics on which the ambassadors of the respective countries resident in Addis Ababa gave public lectures hosted by DPSIR.

2)     Dr. Kassahun Berhanu, Political Economy of Agricultural Extension in Ethiopia: Economic Growth and Political Control, February 6, 2014

3)  Dr. Yacob Arsano, gave a public lecture on “Hydrodiplomacy of the Nile Basin” in November 2014

4)  Prof. Peter Wallensteen,  Senior Professor of Peace and Conflict Research,  Uppsala University, Sweden, gave a public lecture on the theme “Dangers of War – Chances of Peace: Global Trends in Conflict Dynamics” in December 2014

5)   Prof. AparajitaBiswas, from the University of Mumbai in India, gave lectures to graduate students at DPSIR on North-South relations and BRICS.