Yacob Arsano

Dr Yacob Arsano  15

Full name Yacob Arsano Atito
Tel.No Mobile: +251 920192191; office: +251 111231067; home:+251 116293057
Office location Sidist Kilo at the Main Campus, CSS/NCR room  No: 247
Research interest Hydro-politics, Comparative politics, Conflict study
Education PhD in political science from University of Zurich (CH),  MA in comparative politics and  MA in African studies from Ohio University (U SA), BA in government affairs /international relations, Graduate certificate in public administration from

Ohio University

Recent publications Yacob Arsano, forthcoming (2015) Beyond Drops of Water : Four Imperatives to Cooperation in the    Nile Basin (forthcoming) Nordic Africa Institute and Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Milman, Anita & Yacob Arsano, forthcoming (2013) «Climate Adaptation in Highly Vulnerable Regions :The Politics of Human Security in Gambella, Ethiopia,        Special Issue of GEC

Yacob Arsano (2013) Prospects and Prognosis of Cooperation in the Nile Basin in the 21st Century,in the proceedings of the third annual research conference of Jimma University; the online version is: http://www.ju.edu.et/sites/default/files/3rd%20ARC%20proceedings%20Final.pdf

Yacob Arsano (2011) Negotiations for a Nile-Cooperative Framework Agreement, ISS Paper 222, January 2011, Institute of Security Studies, Johannesburg, South Africa

Ayalew Shibesi & Yacob Arsano « Multiple Conceptions of Education for All and EFA Development Goals, the Process of Adopting a Global Agenda, the Case of Ethiopia» in Yamada, Shoko (2010) Multiple Conceptions of Education for All and EFA Development Goals, the Process of Adopting a Global Agenda in the Policies of Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia, Saarbrucken, Deutschland

Yacob Arsano “Institutional Development and Water Management in Ethiopia” in Terje Tvedt (ed. 2010) The River Nile in the Post-Colonial Age: Conflict and Cooperation Among the Nile Basin Countries, I.B. Tauris, London & New York. ISBN: 9781845119706.

Luzi S, Yacob Arsano, Mason S, Moges Shiferaw “Research on Water Management and Conflict Transformation in the Eastern Nile Basin Region” in Hurni H and Urs Wiesmann, eds. (2010), Global Change and Sustainable Development: A Synthesis of Regional Experiences from Research Partnerships, Perspectives of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South, University of Berne, Vol. 5, Berne, Switzerland: Geographica Bernensia, PP 175-185.


Academic rank Associate professor
Working for AAU Since 1980 (wth times off for graduate study and sabbatical leaves)
Admin. Positions held and committees served at AAU Dean, College of Social Sciences; Director, Addis Ababa University Press; Chairman,  Department of Political Science & International Relations;    member:  AAU Senate & Senate Executive Committee; Senate Committee on Academic Standards and Curriculum Review; Council for Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources; AAU Research Council; Academic Commission of College of Social Sciences; Academic Commission of  Graduate School of Journalism & Communication; numerous ad hoc and specialized committees at University, College and Departmental levels.


Community service Claude Ake Chair for 2010 at Uppsala University; fellow, Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala; twice research fellow with University of Bergen,   Norway; research associate: ETH-Zurich; Swiss Peace Foundation, University of Berne; Pastoral & Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa.

Advisor to the Ethiopian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Water, Irrigation and Energy on trans-boundary water negotiations; member and vice chair of National Panel of Experts for Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam; member,  National Council for Public Support Coordination for Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam; chairman, Scientific Advisory Board for North-South Research in the Horn of Africa; member, International Water History Association; member of numerous national & international professional associations and research programs including  Forum for Social Studies and Organization for Social science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa


University e-mail Yacob Arsano<yacob.arsano@aau.edu.et>
Alternative e-mail Yacob Arsano<yarsano17@gmail.com