The Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT), which was established about 60 years ago, is the leading Institute of Technology in Ethiopia.At present, it is functioning with special autonomy from Addis Ababa University. It has a Supervisory Board, which is the highest governing body. The Institute is led by a Scientific Director with the rank of University Vice President.

Currently, there are over 5500 undergraduate and 4500 graduate (M.Sc. and PhD) students enrolled in the various programs of the Institute. The Institute has 400 members of academic staff and about 600 administrative and support staff.


AAiT aspires to be among the top five African pre-eminent Technological Institutes by 2023.


To educate competent graduates and researchers in Engineering and Technology by advancing relevant, innovative and creative teaching, research and Technology Transfer to foster social and economic development of the country.


  1. Academic Freedom
  2. Excellence in Engineering and Technology
  3. Ethical Conduct
  4. Intolerance to Corruption
  5. Respecting Diversity
  6. Reliance on Evidence and Authority of Reason
  7. Student Centeredness
  8. Entrepreneurial spirit
  9. Social Responsibility