Solomon Teferra Abebe

Full name Solomon Teferra Abebe
Education attended
  • Degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD), Jimma University, 2000
  • Specialty Certificate in Clinical Psychiatry/Toronto Addis Ababa Psychiatry Program – TAAPP/,  Addis Ababa University, 2008
  • PhD,  Psychiatric Epidemiology, Umeå University, 2011
  • Clinical Fellow (Addiction Psychiatry), University of Toronto, 2013
Academic rank Associate Professor (2013)
Working for AAU Since 2008
Administrative positions held Coordinator of Postgraduate Program (2008-2012)

Recognitions, memberships of international bodies/ journals – editorial roles/ initiatives etc

Member of Extended Executive Committee of African Psychiatrist and Allied Professionals
Address Campus: Tikur Anbessa

Building: College of Health Sciences

Floor number: 6th Floor

Mobile: +251 911 41 31 20

Email ID:

Research interest Epidemiology and clinical aspects of severe mental disorders, particularly psychosis and substance abuse; public mental health, educating the public and advocating for the rights of the severely mentally ill and people with addictive disorders.
Publications on reputable journals
  • Fedadu A, Mesfin M, Medhin G, Alem A, Teferra S, Gebre-Eyesus T, Seboxa T,  Assefa A, Hussien J, Lemma MT, Borba C, Henderson DC, Hanlon C, Shibre T (2013). Adjuvant therapy with minocycline for schizophrenia (The MINOS Trial): study protocol for a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial. Trials; 14:406.
  • Teferra S, Hanlon C, Beyero T, Jacobsson L, Shibre T (2013). Perspectives on reasons for non-adherence to medication in persons with schizophrenia in Ethiopia: a qualitative study of patients, caregivers and health workers. BMC Psychiatry; 13:168.
  • Teferra S and Shibre T (2012). Perceived causes of severe mental disturbance and preferred interventions by the Borana semi-nomadic population in southern Ethiopia: a qualitative study. BMC Psychiatry; 12:79.
  • Abebe W, Teferra S (2012). Perceived Barriers by Parents and Caregivers to Disclosure of Diagnosis to Children Infected with HIV in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. AIDS Care; 24(9): 1097-1102.
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  • Shibre T, Teferra S, Morgan C, Alem A (2010). Exploring the Apparent Absence of Psychosis amongst the Borana Pastoralist Community of Southern Ethiopia: A Mixed Method Follow-up Study. World Psychiatry; 9:98-102.