The College of Health Sciences-Institutional review Board (CHS-IRB), has a mission in safeguarding the rights, safety and wellbeing of all human participants involved in research. It facilitatesthe conduct of ethically sound research of the highest qualityfor advancement of scientific knowledge.  The IRB evolved from the then Faculty research & publication committee (FRPC) and following the restructuring of CHS, it was elevated to the College IRB in 2011. The IRB provides review, approval and follow-up of all research involving human participants that are conducted within the College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University. It currently gives service to the four Schools under CHS, and occasionally to other Institutionswithin Addis Ababa University only under special circumstances.

The CHS-IRB is one of the first IRBs in Africa that received international recognition from WHO/SIDCER/FERCAP. The IRB adheres to specific policies for ethical reviewand follow up as per its standard operating procedure (SOP).In addition to its daily activities, the IRB has provided trainings for its members, members of Departmental Research Ethics Committees, and other academic staff and make efforts in research ethics capacity building.

Researchers (staff or postgraduate students) are responsible to submit their proposals for review and approval by the IRB, before initiating any research activities.

Contact address:

            College of Health Science- Institutional Review Board

            Zambia street

            CHS building #710

            Addis Ababa University

            Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

            Email: chs.irb@aau.edu.et

            Tel: +251 11896 1396