Research Projects

Adaptive Problem Solving Researches Funded  by AAU in CHLSJC

No. PI Title of the Project Department
1. Hassen Mohammed Archiving Nile River: Annotated Bibliography of Medival Arabic Sources on the Nile River DFLL
2. Mulugeta Tarekegn Multimodal Linguistic Analysis of Campaign Banners in the 2021 Ethiopian Election DLING
3. Andargachew Deneke Phonological Processes in Ethiopian Sign Language DLING
4. Adugna Berkessa Discursive Representations of the Morate Community: a critical discourse analysis DOLLF
5. Abdulaziz Dino Lew Literacies & Old Ethics: Considering soft approaches to control social media hate speeches $ conflict provocations in Ethiopia SJC
6. Getahun Amare Outlines of Argobba pedagogical grammar DALLF
7. Mulusew Asratie How complex are qualitatively complex texts for students? Establishing a link between qualitative text complexity measurements and students’ comprehension for teaching reading in Ethiopian languages DALLF
8. Samuel Handamo Description and documentation of euphemistic expressions in Hadiyya DLING
9. Yenealem Aredo Problems related to menstruation and their effects: girls and women of Nao in focus DALLF

Thematic Researches Funded  by AAU  in CHLSJC

No. PI Title of the Project Department
1 Demeke Asres Texthear Aid: Bridging Communication and Knowledge Sharing Barriers Investigation and Development of Amharic Speech Transcription Engine DLING
2 Feda Negesse Compilation of Oromo Electronic Dictionary DLING
3. Derib Ado Abugida: An Inclusive Ethiopic Script bank, Transliteration and Transcription System DLING
4. Agaredech Jemaneh Media framing of Corona Virus (Covid-19): National Coverage of Selected Ethiopian Media SJC

Collaborative Projects in CHLSJC

No. PI Title of the Project Collaborators Source of Funding
1. Moges Yigezu Beyond Access: Improving Quality of Early Years Reading Instructions in Ethiopia and South Suda Addis Ababa University, Bahir Dar University, Oslo Metropolitan University,University of Juba NORAD
2. Demeke Asres CoreNLP: Investigation and development of local language resources for information and predictive systems Addis Ababa University

Information Network Security Agency

Ministry of Science and Technology
3. Mersha Alahegne Documenting an Ancient Education Systemin Africa: Abənnät Təmhərt in  Ethiopia Hamburg University Gerda Henkel Foundation