Students Life


“Orientation” includes introductory sessions/events organized and delivered by Campus Orientation Teams to acquaint students with and provide information and assistance to new students about the various social settings and campus life so that they will be aware of and be familiar with university life at the beginning of their University life.

Guiding principles

  • acquaint new students with the wide range of issues facing them as AAU students, including factors affecting their personal safety
  • Introduce the variety of student services that are available on campus so that students feel able to navigate the university on their own
  • Assist the students in understanding rules, regulations and policies
  • Acquaint students with the university’s mission and goals and assist them in understanding how these relate to their life goals.
  • Assist them in discovering how to avoid potential problems and in identifying where to find help when they need it.
  • Introduce them to the strategies that will help them get on to a good start.
  • Create a campus atmosphere that reduces anxiety and stimulates attractive learning environment.
  • Enhance student critical thinking, social and leadership skills.

Orientation Procedures


  • Organizing Campus Orientation Unit (Orientation Staff) from relevant departments
  • Establishing Information Desks at convenient sites (entrance)
  • Preparing properly decorated venue with welcoming quotes which will be able to accommodate large number of students
  • Inviting resource persons who would share their experiences
  • Preparing Coordinators (recruiting volunteers from senior students)
  • Preparing brochures, student guide books, site maps, (Disseminated Materials)
  • Erecting direction indicators/labeled pointers in different places on campus
  • Planning and organizing a favorable program enhanced with entertainment.
  • Providing audio-visual equipment such as sound magnifier, projector, DVD player and music CD
  •  During arrival/orientation session
  • Reception Teams shall set up a conspicuous temporary Reception Desk as prescribed by university authority each year at train stations/central bus stops. New students from Addis Ababa are expected to report to their respective campuses;
  • In collaboration with bus/train station managers, reception teams shall announce their location at reasonable intervals to direct new AAU temporary stations
  • Reception teams will sort and dispatch new arriving AAU students to their respective campuses using Addis Ababa University vehicles or prepaid transport services.
  • On their arrival at their respective campuses, the new students shall be received at the main gate and escorted to the Institution premises and the Information desk
  • Campus Orientation staff will contact them with voluntary students and guide them to the hall, welcoming them with music, handshakes and dissemination of brochures, handbooks and other printed materials
  • The on-arrival orientation will be held in the hall booked and arranged for the purpose by the respective campus orientation staff/unit
  • On-arrival orientation sessions will be conducted on the day of their arrival as decided by the responsible office and for subsequent…….days.
  • Refreshment will also be served during orientation sessions
  • At the end of each orientation session, the students shall be taken to tour the campus, meet their roommates, engage with members of the faculty and staff, and learn about other areas of interest, such as the various clubs, the volunteer center, and student leadership opportunities.
  • There will be evening programs/entertainment which will offer students a chance to gather with classmates.
  • They will also be introduced to university protocols (the do’s and don’ts) of campus life – academic, institutional and social. Then, they will become a part of and have a sense of esprit de corps about the Addis Ababa University.


To acquaint students with campus life continuously and update them on issues that are relevant until they fully experience campus life.

  • Detail description on how to experience life in the residence halls and how to use the catering services.
  • (For further reference, please see University general rules and Residence and catering policy)
  • Address issues related with students with disabilities, foreign students, female students and students who need affirmative action.
  • Acquaint students with extra-curricular activities that are currently available
  • Clubs
  • Student Union
  • Outdoor and Indoor activities on each campuses
  • Sports activities that held annually intra public universities
  • Part-time Job opportunities
  • The university launches free Legal services
  • Introduce the Bill of Rights and Code of conduct
  • Provide examples of habitual mal-practices that contradict the rules and regulations of the university and how they should behave in the university
  • Organize and conduct campus tour by clustering students in manageable groups.
  • Information on alternative catering and entertainment places and institutions that would help them in their day-to-day activities.
  • Familiarize students with the various places that exist around the university such as market places, religious institutions, theater, Cinema, etc.
  • Familiarize students with clearance and withdrawal process

Students are expected to:

  • Communicate their concerns about safety or health to the university clinic immediately;
  • Contact counseling service officers about any feelings or need for counseling regarding either academic or personal problems.
  • Know that it is their responsibility to ask for assistance; however, the Counselor may refer a student at any time, if appropriate and necessary, to a higher service providing entity.
  • Get Clearance to leave campus at the end of each year and keep a copy of the document for themselves.
  • Return every property when they withdraw due to illness, personal hardship, or good causes.