The College of Performing and Visual Arts was established in 2010 under the Addis Ababa University institutional framework and structure. It was organized with the amalgamation of three essential art institutions in Ethiopia: Alle School of Fine Arts and design, Yared School of Music and School of Theatre Arts.

The CPVA also constitutes two different cultural and artistic institutions: the prestigious Cultural Center and the Gebre Kiristos Desta Modern Art Museum. This college was established to provide high quality artistic education in our country and create a suitable art teaching atmosphere among the three schools.

One of the most important activities in terms of academic research platform is the college’s annual conference which has been going on since 2013. It constitutes a very important research venue where different issues regarding several theoretical approaches and practice trends in arts in our country are raised and discussed.

Each school of the College is also highly involved in the community service program with the presentation of different performance activities like dramatic presentation, art exhibitions and discussions, musical concerts, etc. Engagements of international partners and stakeholders have been very productive in the organization of different artistic activities by the college’s schools. The college offers different undergraduate and graduate courses in the field of Fine Arts, Theatre, Music and Film.


The College Counseling Center supports the educational mission of the College and its values of fostering intellectual inquiry, community engagement, appreciation for diversity, and the integration of mind, body and spirit.  The Counseling Center also fosters the values of self-discovery, the attainment of optimal mental health and wellness, and the amelioration of internal and environmental barriers that challenge students’ academic success and hamper their emotional, cultural and spiritual growth.