More On Libraries Overview

Communication: The Libraries:

  • Recognize the importance of library-wide participation;
  • Reach out to all segments of the user community;
  • Share information and solicit opinions about decisions that affect their success.

Collaboration: The Libraries establish partnerships within and outside the University to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Continuous improvement: They maintain a culture of ongoing assessment to improve their collections and services, and to identify, create and implement new services of value.

Discovery: The Libraries design an environment that nurtures scholarly exploration for the advancement of education, research, professional development, and intellectual curiosity.

Diversity: They respect the beliefs and opinions of those they serve and employ, and offer information resources and programs that reflect the diversity of their institution and community.

Learning: They support all learners of all kinds and collaboratively integrate the libraries wherever learning takes place.


A center of quality information resources and quality services for excellence!


The AAU libraries have partnerships with INASP, Eifle, UNISA, US Information Center, ECA Library, and TACC.

Awards or Achievements:

The Libraries have been awarded different appreciation certificates.

Special feature

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Library, which was inaugurated on September 12, 1969, has been serving all citizens in the country who need its services as a center of information resources in addition to its main function of serving the University community.