School of Law and Governance Studies

The College of Law and Governance Library established in 1964 G.C. The library is located on the main campus it was integrated with the Main AAU Library system. Presently the college has three libraries. The first, one located on the main campus behind Kennedy library in the new building. The second and third library is located at Business and Economics Campus Human right library and Federalism library.  The library primarily serves the college community includes regular undergraduate and postgraduate students, extension students, summer students, academic staff, administrative staff, guest researchers, and external users. Currently, the library has more than 20,000 books and periodicals in volume.

Digital collection

  • More than 8880 eBooks including journals
  • More than 780 Electronics thesis and dissertations

Library Head: Woldekidan Lemma


Phone: 251-111-86-84-69