Institute of Development and Policy Research (IDPR)

Establishment and role of IDPR

In line with the Vision of the Addis Ababa University to become an eminent research University in Africa, the Institute of Development and Policy Research (IDPR) was established with the objective of conducting research that generates knowledge on multifaceted and pertinent socioeconomic problems of the society as well as disseminating research outputs which can serve as inputs for policy making and underpinning development practices. The Institute was founded in March 2014 with the appointment of its director. The Institute:

  • Promotes multi- and inter-disciplinary research on development and policy issues and brings staff together for collaborative work;
  • Provides a venue that caters to the research demands and needs of different government and non-government organizations on different development issues;
  • Provides evidence-based research to support the development needs of the country and the process of public policy formulation and analysis;
  • Provides a forum to push the frontiers of development research in the country;
  • Organizes fora of dialogue/debate on burning development and policy issues;
  • Disseminates research results to the scientific community and public policy makers and practitioners;