Re-admission to the Undergraduate Program

Students who dropout or withdraw officially after earning at least one semester’s credits at the University, can request for readmission into the college they withdrew from. They cannot apply to join a different College. Applications that meet the minimum cut-off points shall be accepted for consideration.

A student who withdraws for valid reasons shall be granted readmission within six years after the date of withdrawal and failure to apply for readmission within this period of time shall entail dismissal for good.

1. Readmission for students in good academic standing

  • A student who, for reasons beyond his/her control, discontinues his/her studies while in good academic standing shall be allowed to apply for readmission.
  • The applicant is required to provide documented and acceptable justifications for his/her withdrawal.
  • Readmission is subject to availability of space, facilities and the necessary budget.
  • When there are changes in the curriculum, the status of the student will be determined accordingly at the time of his/her application for readmission.

2. Readmission for academically dismissed students

  • Students dismissed for academic reasons may be readmitted after at least a semester to repeat courses in which they failed (scored “D” and “F”) during the semester of readmission, provided it is determined that the projected “C” grades in the courses repeated will raise the student’s achievement to the required levels. Such student shall be readmitted in a semester when there are more modules/courses the student is eligible to register for.
  • A dismissed student is given a readmission chance only once in his stay in the University.
  • A student may be allowed to raise his grade point to the required level provided he can remove such academic deficiencies in not more than one year and the maximum duration of stay in the program has not expired or is not likely to expire before the completion of the remaining modules/courses of study.
  • A first year student dismissed at the end of the first semester with a SGPA of not less than 1.00 shall be readmitted.
  • A first year student dismissed at the end of the second semester with a CGPA of not less than 1.75 shall be readmitted.
  • A second year and above student dismissed at any semester with a CGPA of not less than 1.75 shall be readmitted.
  • A student who has been dismissed for good due to academic deficiencies will not be readmitted into the program from which he has been dismissed.
  • A dismissed regular student may apply for admission to a different program in the continuing and distance education program.
  • An academically dismissed regular student, if and when readmitted, is subject to the cost-sharing scheme for the semester being repeated.
  • An academically dismissed student, if and when readmitted, is not allowed to take new courses for the semester being repeated.

Re-admission to the Graduate Program

Students must complete official withdrawal forms within 30 days of discontinuation of classes. A candidate who fails to comply with this requirement will only be eligible for readmission if he has a good cause for failing to meet the deadline. These include:

  • If the candidate cannot pursue his study because of medical reasons ascertained by a valid certificate; or
  • If the University is unable to carry out the relevant graduate program and advises the candidate accordingly; or
  • If the candidate is unable to continue due to other unforeseeable reasons.

A candidate who has been dismissed for academic reasons may apply for readmission only once during the whole study period of a given program provided that there is place in the academic unit.

Withdrawal made with the approval of the College Graduate Program Office concerned does not imply automatic readmission whenever it is sought.

The length of absence between withdrawal and readmission may not exceed three years.

The College Graduate Program Office may, however, consider the readmission of a student who has discontinued his study for four to five years provided it is convinced that the student was prevented from applying for readmission by circumstances beyond his control.

Readmission procedure

  • Students collect Readmission Application Form from the Admissions Office of the Registrar at specified times indicated in the Academic Calendar.
  • The completed forms are then returned to the Admission office of the Registrar.
  • The Office forwards the applications to the appropriate college/institute.
  • The academic commission of the college/institute acts on the application; decisions are communicated to the Office of the Registrar.
  • The Office of the Registrar informs all concerned applicants whether they have been accepted or rejected