History of Addis Ababa University Libraries


Modern higher education in Ethiopia began with the University College of Addis Ababa (UCAA) founding in 1950. In 1961, it was later renamed Haile Selassie I- University. Its name was changed again and eventually became the Addis Ababa University in 1975. 

At the same time, the UCAA Library was set up to serve the student population of 71 and 9 faculty members at the Arat kilo campus. Since then, the library has grown to its present state where it caters to a student population of about 40,000 and more than 3,000 staff spread across the university’s several campuses.

The Addis Ababa University Libraries play an important role in supporting the university mission of excellence through teaching and research by making information resources easy, timely, and accessible to all university library users. For such a purpose, building strong libraries for teaching and research is necessary for any academic institution.

The Addis Ababa University Libraries through its branch libraries provide vital core services by facilitating and improving the teaching and learning process of Addis Ababa University. As the “heart of the university”, the Addis Ababa University Libraries dutifully support all students to tap the strength the knowledge they already possess.

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