The EiABC Library was established in October 1954 under the name of the Ethio-Swedish Institute of Building Technology. EiABC Library is one of the branches of Addis Ababa University Library System (AAUL). It is located at the Lideta Campus of the EiABC and supports the teaching-learning and research needs of the Institute by providing up-to-date and relevant information resources. The now EiABC Library was constructed in 1976 with a reading area of about 767.20 square meters. The Library can accommodate 300 users at a time.


Library and information services play a significant role in the teaching, learning and research activities of the Institute.  The Library primarily holds library materials on Architecture, Construction Technology and Management, Urban and Regional Planning and other related disciplines. The collections are organized to provide services and resources for all the EiABC and AAU community. The library primarily supports its parent organization, a student-centered and research-based higher education institution through provision of library and information services.


The EiABC Library main objective is to acquire, organize, provide information resources and serve the instructional and interdisciplinary research functions of the Institute.

Major tasks and activities

  • Selecting and acquiring relevant library materials, organize and provide access to information resources in print and electronic formats.
  • Providing facilities and services to all Library users.
  • Providing digital library services (E-Books).
  • Meeting instructional and research needs of the Institute’s Library users.
  • Providing internet service to all Library users.
  • Providing Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (AAU-ETD) service to all Library users.
  • EiABC Library currently holds more than 10000 collections. All the collections are organized to provide services and resources primarily for EiABC and AAU students, faculty and staff as part of the Library’s mission to support teaching, learning, research and service at EiABC.
  • EiABC Library opens 24 hours from Monday to Sunday and closed for public holidays during academic season. During semester break 8:00a.m-6:00p.m. The Library has 28 staffs working in different position and working schedule.

The Library service is provided in close cooperation with the Addis Ababa University Libraries (AAUL). For detail and more information about library services, collection, E-resources, other AAU branch libraries, Library policies, etc.

Library Head: Tadesse Kassa

Email: tadesse.kassa@eiabec.edu.et

Phone: 251-12-13-97-26