AAU names Veterinary Teaching Hospital after the Symbolic Veterinarian

Addis Ababa University (AAU) named its Veterinary Teaching Hospital under College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture after Professor Fisseha Gebreab, the Symbolic Veterinarian and inaugurated it on the 10th of October 2021.

According to the information from the College, Professor Fisseha Gebreab, the dean and lecturer of the first Addis Ababa University Veterinary Faculty in Ethiopia, was born in June 1933 E.C in Ambo and grew up in an area known as “Kebena” in Addis Ababa.

Prof. Fisseha completed his high school education at the current Kokebe Tsibah Secondary School in 1952 E.C. and was one of the four students who passed the ESLCE and the British English Exam with the highest score.

Prof. Fesseha received BSc. Degree from Alemaya Agricultural College in 1956 E.C, graduated in 1963 E.C. with DVM from the University of Agriculture in Warsaw, Poland and held a master’s degree in France in 1967 E.C.

Prof. Fisseha served as the head of the Gondar Agricultural Technologies and Extension Department as well as the Extension Supervisor, as a research officer at the Veterinary Laboratory in Mekelle, as a research officer at the National Veterinary Institute in Bishoftu, and as the head of the Shola Veterinary Laboratory in Addis Ababa.

As Prof. Fisseha strongly believed in the establishment of an independent veterinary faculty in Ethiopia, he developed a proposal in collaboration with Dr. Solomon H/Mariam that passed through the Ministry of Agriculture and Settlement, Higher Education Commission and Addis Ababa University.

After Addis Ababa University considering this idea and extensive review in depth with various ministries, the current Veterinary and Agricultural College was established under AAU in Bishoftu town in 1979.

Professor Fisseha was the dean and teacher of the institute from 1971-1980 E.C.; he invited experts from developed countries to keep the content of veterinary education up to international standards, focusing on the real problems of Ethiopia and bringing the faculty to its current level.

Professor Fisseha’s Donkey Sanctuary, supported by UK philanthropists in 1986 and SPANA in 1995, opened at the AAU College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture focused on animals health and creating employment opportunities for Ethiopians.

Prof. Fisseha Gebreab received awards and accolades from various local and foreign universities and organizations for his outstanding contribution and leadership skills.

He received a Gold Medal and Certificate of Recognition from the Palm Academy of France, Honorary Doctorate from the University of Glasgow as the first African Honor Award, and Dr. Elizabeth Svendison’s Award in the Donkey Sanctuary.

Prof. Fisseha published more than 30 research papers on various animal diseases in popular journals and contributed over 50 educational publications, most of them focused on pack animals.

His thesis/dissertation was published in hundreds of copies and set as reference in the library of the University of Warsaw, in honor of the “Wonderful Writings”.

Prof. Fisseha Gebreab was married and had three daughters; he died on July (Hamle) 19, 2005 E.C at the age of 72.

To commemorate this Veterinary Education Father and Veteran Faculty of the Veterinary Faculty, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural named the Hospital after Prof. Fisseha Gebreab getting approval from the AAU Senate and inaugurated by Prof. Tassew Woldehanna, President of the University.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene