Recreation and Sports

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all students who are interested in participating in Extracurricular Activities and Sports are given a fair opportunity to do so. This policy is largely aimed at:

  • developing useful new capabilities in students  that can lead to extension of career opportunities;
  • developing  student  initiatives and providing opportunities for exercising responsibilities;
  • advancing students’ leadership capabilities and good organizational skills;
  • enhancing the social skills of students through building interpersonal skills;
  • enabling students to explore a wider range of individual interests that might be available in the regular program;
  • cultivating group interaction and leadership skills among students.


This policy applies to all Extracurricular Activities and Sports which are run by the students in all campuses of the University.

General Policy Statement

Student extracurricular activities are an integral part of University life and are used as a means of developing wholesome attitudes and good human relations as well as knowledge and skills.  Addis Ababa University encourages the participation of students in Extracurricular Activities and Sports.  It is believed that  the  educational  goals  and  objectives  of  the  University   are  best achieved  by  a  diversity  of  learning  experiences,  some  of  which  are  more  appropriately  conducted outside the regular classroom sessions.  The University makes Extracurricular Activities and Sports available as an extension of the regular academic programs and with this important difference: participation in the regular curriculum is a right offered to each student, while participation in the Extracurricular Activities and Sports program is a privilege that carries additional expectations for acceptable conduct.

  • Students’ participation in extracurricular activities and sports is on voluntary basis
  • All students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and sports (male, female and students with disabilities)
  • Access to extracurricular activities and sports shall be fair and equitable for all students in all campuses
  • Extracurricular activities and sports shall create a common ground for upholding cultural values and creating an amicable social environment whereby diversity is respected and celebrated
  • Extracurricular activities and sports shall counter any discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, religious or political outlooks etc.
  • Extracurricular activities and Sports shall create opportunities for the participation of students with disabilities in all campuses


The Dean of Students is responsible for implementing and enforcing this policy.


Unless otherwise the context requires, in this policy:

“Higher Education” means education offered to students who attend the following programs:

  • Bachelor’s  Degree;
  • Master’s Degree and/or;
  • Doctoral(PhD) Degree

“Student” means a person who attends programs in the Regular Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Continuing and Distance Education, and Summer In-Service Programs stated under article 3.1 of this policy.

“Extracurricular activities” means those activities that are run by the students during non-instructional time and approved by the Dean of Students but are not offered for credit toward graduation.  Such activities shall generally be conducted outside the regular academic schedule, available to students who voluntarily elect to participate, marked by students’ participation in the processes of initiation, planning, organizing and execution, and shall ordinarily include, but not be limited to the following major categories  most commonly found on University  campuses like academic and professional interest clubs,  voluntary and service-related activities or clubs, multicultural activities or clubs, literature clubs, arts and performance clubs, sports and recreational clubs,  awareness and advocacy clubs, community service clubs, cultural clubs, special interest clubs etc…

“University” means Addis Ababa University

“Student club” is a body with a minimum of five students organized for some specific purposes based on their interest and inclination and recognized by the Dean of Students.

“Recreational Activities”  means activities pursued during leisure time, either individually or collectively, that are free and pleasurable, having their own immediate appeal, and are not impelled by a delayed reward beyond themselves’.

“Varsity team” means a sport team which represents the University.


The Dean of Students is the responsible body for approving the purposes and goals of an extracurricular activity and sports and ensuring that they are appropriate to the age, physical, and intellectual maturity of the students.

Guiding Principles

  • Contribute for the students’ whole-rounded development
  • Facilitate and ensure transparent, fair and equitable delivery of services
  • Provide fast and efficient services up to the user satisfaction
  • Allow students to practice the right to learn and enjoy their environment

Recognition of Clubs in extracurricular activities

Students, to participate in extracurricular activities, shall organize and form clubs based on their interest with a minimum of five students as members. All the recognition processes of a club and the University’s facility utilization by the students are based on the University’s Legislation (articles 175 to 185).

Participation in Sports and Recreational Activities

All students have the right to participate in different sports and recreational activities during their spare time. The University will provide, facilitate, establish and maintain recreational and sport arenas in all campuses fairly and equitably.

Assignment of Coordinators for Sports and Recreational Activities

The Dean of Students, in consultation with the Department of Sport Sciences, will assign one instructor in each campus of the University to lead and organize different sports and recreational activities.

Sports Competitions

Once a year, in every campus and among campuses of the University, University-sponsored intramural and intercampus sports competitions will be organized for regular undergraduate students (for both sexes and students with disabilities). However, the types of sports are determined by the agreement to be reached among the Dean of Students, the Department of Sport Sciences, and the Student Union. Moreover, the University will participate in the Government’s Higher Education Sports Festival based on the calendar of the sports association.

Event Organization

Any recognized club or student organization has the right to organize educational or recreational events, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, debates, etc.

Policy authority and interpretation

The President, AVP, and Dean of Students are authorized for the implementation and interpretation of the policy.

Related policies

Senate legislation, Health Policy and Discipline Policy

Use of University Facilities–Equal Access

All University-approved, student-initiated extracurricular activities and clubs are to be given equal access to University’s facilities during non-instructional time according to article 183 of the Senate Legislation of the University.

Procedure approval authority

The Dean of Students in consultation with the Academic Vice President.

Responsible offices

  • Dean of Students
  •  Associate Dean for Extracurricular Activities and Sports
  • Assistant/Associate Dean of Students
  • Department of Sport Sciences
  • Health Center
  •  Student Union