Director for Research

Office the Director for Research

The major responsibilities of the Office of the Director for Research are to:

  • Plan, organize, lead, manage and control the activities of all research programs at AAU;
  • Develop, recommend and implement policies and administrative procedures for research programs;
  • Make recommendations for fostering the development of research programs in the University;
  • Facilitate development of interdisciplinary research programs in consultation with concerned units;
  • Coordinate internal and external assistance for research programs and allocate resources in consultation with concerned bodies;
  • Develop work program (strategic plan) for efficient management of existing and expanding research programs, and opening new ones;
  • Develop plans, set priorities for establishment of core laboratories and research facilities and oversee implementation of plans;
  • Promote the development of appropriate incentive schemes in the University for researchers;
  • Follow up formulation of research coordination structure of the University
  • Evaluate existing research capacity and identify gaps and priority areas for capacity building;
  • Follow up implementation of plans for research capacity building including establishment of core laboratories and other research facilities;
  • Identify thematic research areas;
  • Coordinate and facilitate research activities (call for proposals, receive concept notes and CVs, regroup based on merit, assign PIs, allocate startup fund for proposal development to solicit funds/support, initiate and execute review process, allocate research fund);
  • Coordinate and facilitate collaborative research programs with donors and funding agencies;
  • Coordinate, register, monitor and follow up research and related activities of the University;
  • Check regular progress reports on the research programs;
  • Prepare periodic reports on research activities in all colleges and institutes of the University;
  • Prepare and disseminate research catalogue;
  • Prepare periodic performance report to the appropriate authority of the University;
  • Link PhD and Master’s researches with thematic, sponsored research projects, grants and external funding;
  • Coordinate and facilitate all PhD-related research programs in the University;
  • Perform any other duties as required by the VPRTT.


Director of Research: Tadesse Fetahi (PhD)

Location: Main Campus, New Bldg. 4th floor

Tel: +251 -111 -239 749 (Office)

Fax: +251 -111 -231 087

P.O.Box: 1176, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Admin Staffs

Full Name Email Address Tell Qualification Responsibility
1 Habtamu Getinet +251-111- 239749 MSW Expert for Research Capacity Building
2 Getnet Simeneh +251-111- 239749 MSW Expert for Graduate and Collaborative Research