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Addis Ababa University Press (AAUP) is a publishing house of Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia


The AAU Press was established in accordance with the AAU Charter in 1967 with the objective of serving the publishing and distribution needs of Addis Ababa University community.


The AAUP is governed by the Board of Editors and managed by the secretariat headed by a Director.


The Addis Ababa University Press will become a center of excellence in publishing academic literature in Ethiopia, and compete with renowned academic publishing houses internationally.


In view of Ethiopia’s on-going massive expansion of Tertiary Education, the AAUP is expected to play a vital role of publishing Textbooks, Reference and Teaching materials, cutting-edge research outputs, etc. Addis Ababa University Press rigorously looks into the value of the manuscripts for originality and scholarly contribution. It strives to publish diverse books and high quality academic textbooks for universities and preparatory levels.


The main objective of Addis Ababa University Press is to serve as publication and distribution unit of Addis Ababa University

The following are the major objectives of Addis Ababa University Press:

  • Receive and screen book manuscripts for publication based on their merit
  • Disseminate knowledge by distributing its publications as widely as possible, locally and internationally
  • Organize book launching events
  • Exchange up-to-date information with publishers locally and internationally
  • Participate actively in local , continental and broader publishing networks
  • Collaborate with other university publishing houses for co-publishing and experience sharing
  • Organize workshops and provide training service related to publishing, particularly to relevant units of Addis Ababa University and regional universities
  • Organize and/or participate in book fairs locally and internationally.
  • Co-Publish books with other publishing houses in Ethiopia or abroad
  • Support AAU’s teaching /learning process through publishing text books
  • Strengthen University’s mission  through publishing academic books and disseminating knowledge
  • Develop strategy of marketing AAU Press’s publications to local and international readership

Track Record

To-date the Press has published a number of valuable books in various fields of knowledge. Many of the AAUP publications have been internationally acclaimed for their high academic standard. The AAU Press encourages and welcomes manuscripts from AAU faculty as well as from the scholarly communities in the country and abroad. As can be attested from the publication track record of the AAU Press, there is an encouraging growth in terms of titles, diversity and quality of publication. We are also aware that AAUP has a long way to go in view of satisfying the publication needs of the university communities and the public at large. The Addis Ababa University Press, while building its capacity and as continuing to develop professional rigor, it strives to keep watchdog role of maintaining the high standard of its publication’s quality through the well established and anonymous procedures of book manuscripts.