Blood Donation Ceremony Held at Black Lion Specialized Hospital

The staff and medical professionals working in the College of Health Sciences (CHS) of Addis Ababa University (AAU) donated blood under the motto of `Our Blood for Our People` at a ceremony held in the College yesterday, the 8th of November 2021.

Dr. Rahel Argaw, Medical Service Director at CHS, Black Lion Specialized Hospital, in her introductory remark said International Blood Donors Day is celebrated every year and is being celebrated this year as well.

Dr. Rahel recalled that the blood donation was carried out for its 153rd time this year at the international level and for the 18th time nationwide in Ethiopia with a motto ‘Let’s Donate Blood and Keep Alive’.

“According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimation, around 118 million cc of blood is collected worldwide, of which only 16 million cc is collected in developing countries,” Dr. Rahel said.

“Black Lion Specialized Hospital is the last referral treatment facility in the country’s healthcare system. Blood banking is one of the many services provided by the main laboratory at our hospital,” Dr. Rahel noted.

The medical director said that the hospital will provide medical treatment to patients who are seeking medical support for various ailments, especially those suffering from anaemia, natural and man-made disasters.

Dr. Rachel emphasized that the laboratory blood bank supply unit at the hospital will provide blood services to patients who need major surgery, maternal and leukaemia cases.

“According to the WHO, about 4,361 people are infected with leukaemia in Ethiopia, and it is clear that adequate blood supply will play a key role in improving the treatment.”

Ato Hagos Weldekidan, managing Director at the CHS, Black Lion Specialized Hospital, said blood donation is primarily important for mothers who give birth, cancer patients and for those who lost a lot of blood due to various man-made and natural disasters.

The managing director told the AAU staff reporter that donating blood to someone in need is a great joy; also revealed his regret for he has not donated blood to patients so far and promised to continue donating in future.

Matewos Tesfaye, an 11-year-old boy with leukaemia at the Hospital, who has been receiving treatment for more than three years, thanked the hospital’s medical staff and said he is now having a better time.

Reporter: Theodros Shewangizaw

Photo: Andualem Aseffa

Editor: Abraham Girmay