IES Hosts Public Lecture on Ancient Egypt

A lecture titled “Ancient Egypt Unmasked! World History, Politics and the Moral Teachings of Ancient Egypt”, which aimed to show the basis of the survival of communities and states all over the world, was held today at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies Museum hall.

Attendees included AAU officers and invited personalities.

Professor Fekri Hassan, Director of Cultural Heritage Management at the French University in Egypt, and Emeritus Petrie Professor of Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, said social organization emerges to maintain cohesion, ensure psychological security, provide protection and mobilize labour, knowledge, technology and energy.

He added that social organization helps to regulate and control production and consumption and ensure sustainability through wise strategic planning and decision making.

According to Professor Fekri Ancient Egypt was significant to the eighteenth century as a political alternative, a model of peace, just and wise laws, cultural flowering and a model of a strong enlightened monarchy.