School of Commerce Hosts Research Networking Event on Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development in Cooperation with British Partner

The School of Commerce of Addis Ababa University and the Leicester Castle Business School of De Montfort University of the UK have collaboratively hosted a research networking event on inclusive entrepreneurship and sustainable development at Elilly Hotel in Addis Ababa.

Dr. Kassa Woldesenbet, professor of inclusive entrepreneurship and strategy and Deputy Director of the Centre for Enterprise and Innovation at the Leicester Castle Business School, elaborated that the goal of inclusive entrepreneurship is to create a setting in which a variety of entrepreneurs, such as women, minorities, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, can obtain the tools, connections, and encouragement they need to pursue their business endeavors.

According to Dr Kassa, entrepreneurial ecosystems that foster creativity and innovation can propel sustainable development by fostering fresh concepts, technological advancements, and commercial strategies that tackle societal and environmental issues.

Speaking on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (EE), the professor further expounded that University-Industry collaboration among universities, businesses and government entities within EE can stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation.

For his part, Dr Solomon Markos, Head of the School of Commerce, expressed the opinion that a lot of encouraging work is being done on entrepreneurship in Ethiopia, adding more should be done to include and involve women, the disabled, and the elderly, as well as those sections of society that have received little attention and benefits.

He remarked that if entrepreneurship includes all sections of society regardless of culture and religion, it can have a positive role and impact in reducing widespread poverty.