School of Information Science Deliberates on Industry Linkage

Addis Ababa University today held a panel discussion  promoting the School of Information Science and its outreach programs.

Dereje Teferi (PhD),  Head of the  School of Information Science, highlighted courses offered and projects ran by the school , adding the school encourages  IT scholars and experts to show case their products and projects.

According to Dr Dereje, the event was designed to promote the school’s advancement through productive linkage with various software companies and industries.The aim was also to offer insights into policies to promote technology transfer and university-industry collaboration in the IT sector.

Wondwossen Mulugeta (PhD), Vice President for Institutional Development, for his part  noted that there are many innovative projects carried out by students and faculty in the School of Information Science and that these research and development activities will continue to be strengthened. He further said efforts will continue to expand and  consolidate industry-academia partnerships and promote the particularly important role of the school as a strategic wing of the university.