Senate and University’s Community Members Vote for Vice Presidents’ Election

The Senate and the University‘s Community members of Addis Ababa University (AAU) voted to appoint new Vice Presidents (VPs) for Administration and Student Services, and Institutional Development positions of the University at College of Business and Economics main hall on the 21st of September 2021.

The VPs Screening and Election Committee announced that the Senate and the Community members were to vote for 30% (15% each) based on the candidates’ presentation of their strategic plans they want to apply if appointed for the positions.

The Committee also set evaluation criteria, such as, knowledge of strategic management, academic leadership, commitment, knowledge of national policies and personal motivation as guidelines for the voters to focus on while the candidates were presenting their strategies.

Seven candidates, 4 for Vice President of Administration and Student Services (VPASS) and 3 for Vice President of Institutional Development (VPID) competed by presenting their strategies and the members voted as follows:

Vice President for Administration and Student Services (VPASS):

                                                     Senate (15%)     Community (15%)      Total (30%)

Dakito    Alemu (PhD)                       2                            9.21                          11.21

Woldie Belachew (PhD)                    2                            9.68                          11.68

Shibru   Temesgen (PhD)                  2                           11.23                         13.23

Mathewos  Ensermu (PhD)                8                          12.75                          20.75

Vice President for Institutional Development (VPID):

                                                   Senate   (15%)     Community (15%)     Total (30%)

Kassu   Jilcha (PhD)                          2                           11.02                         13.02

Abebe    Damtew (PhD)                   0                             6.99                           6.99

Dillu   Shaleka (PhD)                       15                          11.91                         26.91

According to the information from VPs Screening and Election Committee, the winners of the positions will be officially announced after adding this vote of 30% and the other 70% given by the committee based on the candidates’ documents which indicate their educational background and work experience as well as other administrative evaluation results.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Andualem Aseffa