Students’ Dean Office Certifies Students on Anti-Corruption Training

Addis Ababa University (AAU) Students’ Dean Office in collaboration with Transparency International Ethiopia and the Civil Society Fund of the European Union certified students on anti-corruption training held for five rounds at the main campus of the University on Saturday, June 18/2022.

According to the information from the Office, Transparency Ethiopia conducted the training focused on ‘Corruption and Anti-Corruption movement in Ethiopia’, ‘International and Domestic Legal Instruments to Combat Corruption’, ‘Leadership in Anti-Corruption Movement’, ‘Time Management in Anti-Corruption Movement’ and ‘Volunteerism and Campaigning in Anti-Corruption Movement’.

As part from its efforts to combat corruption and promote transparency, accountability and good governance, Transparency Ethiopian has been providing trainings to the leaders of university students’ different clubs that were held in five rounds.

Mr. Samuel Kassahun, Executive Director of Transparency International Ethiopia, delivered a motivating speech aimed at raising a commitment of the graduating students to fight corruption and all kinds of injustice they may face elsewhere.

The trainees who have successfully completed the trainings have been given due recognition and awarded certificates of completion.

At the end of the session, the graduating students took an oath where they underscored a commitment to refrain from corruption and immoral acts, and to fight injustice and safeguard human rights as they join the workforce.

Students’ Dean Office told to the staff editor that the training program was funded by the Civil Society Fund of the European Union.

Transparency International Ethiopia is a civil society organization registered as an Ethiopian charity and a fully accredited chapter of Transparency International (the global coalition against corruption). It is a non-profit organization which makes a fight against corruption and promotes ethics and good governance.

Editor: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Andualem Aseffa