Announcement _ Graduate Admission Test (GAT)



About the computer based GAT

  • The Graduate Admission Test (GAT) is composed of three sections: Verbal Reasoning, (60 questions), Quantitative Reasoning (40 questions) and Analytical Reasoning (25 questions). Each of these tests lasts for one hour and you will need to stay working on the actual exams for three hours.  Students with Visual impairment will work only the Verbal Reasoning Section. Before starting your actual exam you are required to fill out a brief survey questionnaire.  The system will not let you take the exam unless you complete the survey.
  • While working on the Verbal Reasoning sub-test you can move forward or backwards to correct your earlier responses. Once the 60 minutes is finished you will have no access to the Verbal Reasoning Section.  Rather the system will automatically redirect you to the second sub-test on Quantitative Reasoning and you will work for 60 minutes where your time will count down and deny you access to this section by the end of the hour.  The same principle applies to the third section on Analytical Reasoning for one hour.  At the end of the three hours test you will be immediately notified about your raw scores.  You need to wait for about a week until all test takers complete the GAT to get the cut-off score and the PERCENTIL RANK for passing the GAT test.  Cut off score for passing the GAT will be notified by the AAU web-site.
  • Note: the score on GAT is not the only requirement for admission into the graduate program. The minimum required score on GAT is a prerequisite for department level examination.  Hence, after getting the pass score on the GAT each candidate shall sit for department level testing.

About students with disabilities

  • Students with disabilities may request special exam rooms and or software such as JAWS.  Please send us your request through the following email: OR  .

Responsibilities of GAT Test Takers

  • You can bring your own calculator to the exam hall to do the Quantitative Section. However, you are not allowed to bring any calculator that has facilities of copying or sending /receiving information.
  • You are required to produce valid identification document (e.g. passport, Kebele/Woreda ID card, driving license, employee ID card). No candidate shall be admitted to a testing hall unless he/she produces valid identification document and Bank receipt showing the payment of 600 birr to take the GAT. Covering the face is not allowed except using face masks. The test taker should uncover his/her face mask or other covering material during checking by the test supervisor.
  • You are required to show your ID card to the gate keeping security staff at your respective testing site. Please don’t leave your identification document at the gate as you need it for admission to the testing hall.
  • Keep note of your password as it is essential for logging in. Never share your password to any other person.
  • Candidates scheduled for morning session testing, are required to arrive at their respective testing site at 8:00 am whereas candidates scheduled for the afternoon session testing are required to arrive at their respective testing site at 1:00 pm. Test takers who are late by 30 minutes will not be allowed to enter to the testing hall.
  • After passing the check point at the gate of the test site, you need to proceed to the testing hall immediately. You will be provided information on the direction to the testing hall and the specific testing room.
  • It is important that you should follow instructions given by the supervisor and invigilators of your test center.
  • Candidates are required to wear face mask and carry pocket-size hand sanitizer.
  • Any attempt of cheating on the exam, sharing answers with others, or copying the test materials using any form shall have serious legal consequences.