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      Dear National Exit Exam Examinees the National Exit Exam will be conducted between Friday June 21, 2024 to Wednesday June 26, 2024 (Sene 14 to Sene 19, 2016 EC). SEE AAU  EXIT EXAM Schedule Below  : Full

Call for scholarship application for PhDs and MSc positions in the framework of the Intra Africa INTERACTAfrica project

INTERACT-Africa Project Mobility in Innovative Green Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Bioeconomy (INTERACT-Africa) Background INTERACT-Africa is an Intra-Africa Academic mobility project funded by the European Union (EU). The project focuses on Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology, with emphasis

Research and Fair Week

      Addis Ababa University is proud to announce its upcoming   annual Research and Fair Week scheduled to take place from 13th to 17th of May 2024 with the following major theme.                               Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Socioeconomic Development

List of Accepted Students for the School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy

Doctor of Medicine   Doctor of Dental Medicine Pharmacy


      Addis Ababa University,Center for Higher Education Research and Training has planned to conduct short -term training on ”Doctoral Supervision ” and ”Academic Writing & Publishing” See the Full Short-Term Trainings Call below:

Notice to Students who applied to join the Bachelor of Laws Degree Program

          The Entrance Exam for admission to the Bachelor of Laws degree program will be administered on Friday, 19 April 2024 in the afternoon, starting 2:00 pm (8 o’clock local time) We have received credible reports