A Law Book Focused on Filling Gaps on the Legal Protection of Minorities

Addis Ababa University (AAU) College of Law and Governance Studies, in collaboration with Hans Seidel Foundation, launched the 11th volume of the Ethiopian Public and Constitutional Law Series entitledAlternative Approaches to Ethno-Cultural Diversity Management at Sub-Level:  Ethiopia in Comparative Perspectives” at Hilton Hotel on the 21st of March 2022.

According to Getachew Assefa (PHD), Dean of College of Law and Governance Studies, the main purpose of the book is to examine how the rights of individuals as well as minorities from linguistic and cultural communities are respected in regional and sub-regional administrations.

As Dr. Getachew stated, the book was written with a collaboration of experts and scholars from countries which have similar problems and legal systems with Ethiopia. The study basically focused on our country, can be used as an input by state and federal government institutions, he added.

Biruk  Haile (PHD), Head of the School of Law, said that the ideas in this book are about the rights of small communities in a region or area that  need to be improved in our constitution, pointing that neither the state nor the federal constitution clearly states where small communities should go to address administrative pressures.

Christopher Van der Beken (PHD), one of the authors of the book, said that they considered what the process of legal protection of small communities in Ethiopia should look like and the way other countries with similar legal frameworks and problems have addressed the situation.

The authors believe that the studies included in this book will pave the way for the constitution to address the issue of small and marginalized communities, and significantly to the ongoing peace and stability process in the country.

The officials of the College of Law and Governance Studies indicate that there are many community-based activities that the College is undertaking; this is part of the activities is believed to continue in benefiting the community.

Reporter: Tewodros Birhanu

Editor: Abraham Girmay