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Globalization and technological changes have accelerated in tandem over the past years and have created a new global economy “powered by technology and fueled by information and communications and driven by knowledge.” The emergence of this new global digital economy has serious implications for the nature and purpose of educational institutions. Information and communications technologies (ICTs) have been touted as potentially powerful enabling tool for educational changes, reform and innovations. Information and communications technologies play an integral enabling role to mission critical businesses of higher learning institutions.


Addis Ababa University aspires to be a pre-eminent graduate and research University. To this end, the University recognizes ICT as a powerful enabling tool for institutional change and transformation to attain its stretched strategic goals and initiatives, missions and vision.

Accordingly, ICT Development Office drives university ICT infrastructures, facilities, systems and services design, development, customization and implementation plus continual   upgrading and operation management. ICT Technical support, software and hardware maintenance, IT trainings and consultancy are roles of ICT for staff and students across 16 campuses of the university as well.


All Digital!


  • Institutional Cloud Email
  • Website Services
  • Wired And Wireless Connectivity Services Across All Campuses and Premises
  • Private Cloud Compute and Storage Infrastructure
  • LMS Plus Digital Libraries
  • Integrated Students Information Management Systems: Portal and Application
  • Online GAT And UGAT System
  • Research Management System
  • Data Center Facilities
  • Lobby Digital Media Signage
  • Computing Centers and Facilities
  • Technology Enhanced Classrooms
  • Hosting Faculty Computes, Storages and Services
  • Security Enhancement Services: SSL Certificates and Antivirus Solution
  • Training and Consultancy