Units of VTH

To upgrade the quality of its services, CVMA has improved the service providing premises of VTH. The VTH is organized into several units: open air clinic, small animal OR, multipurpose laboratory, Surgical and OG units, Radiology unit, and wards. The latter three are still under consideration for renovation while the first three have already gone operational. To improve the human resources capacity, two veterinary clinicians and three animal health assistants have been recently employed. A guideline was also set for its governance and is submitted for approval.

 Activities of the VTH:

Admitting/ treating animal patients

Providing a training venue for clinical year students

Receiving externs (Final year DVM) students

Receiving summer apprentices from other universities

Carrying out vaccination of large and small ruminants (mainly Anthrax, Blackleg and Pasteurolosis)

Carrying out vaccination of pet animals, mainly against rabies

Giving certifications for rabies vaccination

Giving certifications for slaughter animals

Providing rabies quarantine services

Rendering artificial insemination services to dairy owners (recently interrupted)

 In addition to this, as one of its strategies, the VTH plans to provide a premise for stakeholders with continued professional development plan by providing short-term practical skills training and refresher courses.

 The hospital earns money through sales of drugs and vet clinical services each year between 200,000 and 300,000 Birr, about 90% of which is a revolving fund meant only for purchase of drugs.