Institutional Development

Office of the Vice President for Institutional Development (VPID)

The Office of the Vice President for Institutional Development is accountable to the president and plays a pivotal role in the overall institutional development of the university. It is responsible for the establishment and advancement of university business enterprises, university companies and university endowment fund; provision of knowledge-based training and consultancy services that generate income for the institute in addition to enhancing university-community partnerships; organizing and coordinating outreach programs that would be delivered for the community freely; and for the development and expansion of university buildings, grounds and infrastructure. To carry out these huge responsibilities, the office will be organized with four directorates. These are: Office of Buildings, Grounds and Infrastructure, Office of Income Generation, Resource Mobilization and Management, Office of Projects Initiative and Development, Office of Business Development, Training and Consultancy and Endowment

Duties and Responsibilities:

The office of VP for Institutional Development has the following duties and responsibilities to:

  • Oversees and guide University wide ICT and digitization development, implementation and operational management.
  • Strengthening University wide ICT governance and management including IT strategy and security, professional staff development and restructuring organizational structure,
  • Develop plans, put into effect the implementation and follow up of the expansion of University Buildings, Grounds and Infrastructure;
  • Initiate, plan, budget and prepare TOR for the University facilities for design and construction purposes.
  • Facilitates selection of competent consultants, contractors and authorize associated payments.
  • Oversees construction supervision, contract administration issues and settles disputes.
  • Guide and coordinate efforts in university wide master plan preparation.
  • Provide a clear policy document and guidelines for AAU resource generation,
  • Mobilization and management to diversify its income and resources;
  • Ensure the development of project plans for resource generation, institutional Development services;
  • Develop, propose and get approval of an endowment policy which provides directions and principles governing the solicitation and investment of funds and property transferred to AAU by donors;
  • Decide on the mobilization, solicitation and development of the endowment fund; investment and spending, monitoring and evaluation of performance;

Directorates under the Vice Presidency


Wondwossen Mulugeta (PhD)

   Institutional Development Vice President

   Wondwossen Mulugeta (PhD) is the  Institutional Development Vice President of the University


Office Location:Main Campus, the New Administration Building, 5th Floor

Office Tel. +251-111-231084

P.O. Box: 1176

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia