AAU commences university wide expo

Addis Ababa University, as part of its effort towards linking the university community with various industries and service providing institutions, has been creating various platforms for students to meet and work with these industries and service providing institutions. To further advance such endeavors, the Office of External Relations, Partnerships and Communications, Addis Ababa University in collaboration with various student led clubs and initiatives is currently running university wide expo at the main campus from November 3-6, 2015.

Themed “Universities as a center of academic excellence, personal development and community interaction”, the expo is designed to be a platform for various companies, local and international organizations and other stakeholders to interact with the university and its prospective graduates. The expo is further believed to be a forum for experience sharing.

In his opening remarks, Jeilu Oumer, (PhD), AAU’s Academic Vice President has stressed that a closer and more interactive network among academia, various companies, local and international organizations, NGOs and the student forums has paramount significance. “Events like this are then one way to foster such environment which helps our prospective graduates become more familiar with the future job market.” he added.

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Having the major objective of bringing together various university stakeholders to support the teaching – learning, research and community services of the university in one or the other way, this expo would stay in line, featuring promotion of job opportunities for prospective graduates. With the launch of this expo, it is the goal of the university to help prospective graduates connect with various organizations and industries and engage themselves in the opportunities available.

More than 30 local and international organizations, construction companies, charitable organizations, embassies have convened in this historic expo to promote their activities to the wider university wide community.