AAU marks May 28 with panel discussion

The Addis Ababa University marked May 28, the day that mark the down fall of Dergue regime and the coming into power of the democratic government at Mandela Hall on May 29, 2017.

The event featured panel discussion and music performance.

In his opening remarks, Professor Admasu Tsegaye, AAU President accentuated that May 28, the downfall of the military junta, is a day Ethiopian people laid down a corner stone to build democracy, equality, rapid development, and strong country. The president said, the collapse of the brutal regime has brought an economic revolution in that lifted millions of people out of abject poverty in the country.


Part of the event was a paper presentation by Asemahagn Asres, Director of Public Relations AAU on Ethiopian federalism, its characteristic in the process of building democracy and unity.

He pointed out the importance of federalism in decentralizing power and speeding up economic development of the country in the last 25 years.